Growing Neo-Arcane

I’ve been busy this week planning and painting my forces for Neo-Arcane and I think I’ve also come up with a fairly innovative points and activation system.

First up I’ve added there Ghosts to my undead force I’ve now named the ‘Necrypt’.

The corporation I’m now just calling ‘Core’ has gained a Sniper, Cyborg and two guys in Goliath Power Suits.

The Dominion have gained two Warbrides, two Crusaders and a Crusader Queen.

I’ve also started on an Alien force which is as yet unnamed, so ideas in the comments below. I really like how they came out painting wise. I just applied various washes and contrast paints over a leadbelcher base coat, and then dry brushed them with a ligh silver. They have a ‘fishy’ look which I think is suitable for aliens.

So on to my points and activation system here are the rules currently as written:

Each warrior (figure) has a points cost, this is always 1 for basic troops, 2 for elite troops and 3 for heroes and monsters. Each player begins with 30 action tokens and each time they add a warrior to their force their total number of action tokens is reduced by that warriors cost. So a player with 19 points worth of warriors would begin a game with 11 action tokens.

If at any point during the game a player runs out of action tokens they automatically lose the game. A player also obviously loses if all of their warriors are killed.

On your turn you can activate any 1 warrior you control. To activate a warrior you spend action tokens. The warriors first activation costs 1 action token, from then on the number of activation tokens it costs to activate the warrior is equal to the number of action tokens on the warrior, for example – I want to activate my Dominion Crusader, his first activation costs 1 action token, his second activation would also cost 1 action token since the cost is equal to the number of action tokens on him. His third activation would cost 2 action tokens and his fourth if I was crazy enough to do it would cost 4.

Additional action tokens can be gained by holding objectives. Each time a warrior is activated within 2” of an objective and with no enemies within 2” of that same objective, you do not pay to activate the figure and in addition you regain 1 action token. Additionally each time one of your warriors kills an enemy warrior you can remove all of the action tokens on your warrior and return them to your action pool and your opponent will lose a number of tokens equal to their dead warrior’s points cost.

When a warrior is activated they go through four steps always in this order:

Step 1 – Special Ability, Step 2 – Shooting, Step 3 – Running, Step 4 – Fighting.

When a warrior is first activated they begin off of the board and move in from one of their board sides. When activated off of the board the warrior skips their Special Abillity and Shooting steps.

If you are running low on action tokens or your warrior has too many on them instead of going through the four steps you can instead have your warrior rest. When a warrior rests it costs no action tokens to activate them and you can discard one action token on them but then their activation immediately ends.

Some warriors have special abilities that allow you to regain action tokens, place action tokens on enemy warriors or remove action tokens from your own warriors.

So that’s my system as it stands so far, if any of what you’ve read above makes any sense to you at all. What I’ve found is good about the system is that you are not too restricted on how you activate your warriors, you can for example activate a single warrior multiple times, however you will suffer if you activate the same warrior too many times. Additionally I like that objectives have immediate benefits and taking, holding or contesting them really can win or lose the game but that’s not a nebulous objective points kind of affair, your ability to activate warriors and fight effectively really depends on the objectives.

I’ve played a couple of test games using some alpha profiles for each of my warriors and the action was fairly nail biting and the advantage swung from one side to the other from activation to activation. I’m really psyched about this game and how fun it is to play solo. More coming soon!

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