Zombie Goofy and Dark Disney

The wife and I occasionally go to Disney World in Florida. This is entirely my fault. I had enough money once to plan a big holiday. There were suggestions of Tokyo, New York, but with all the various anxieties I have and knowing my wife was a Disney fan I suggested heading to the safe and comfortable Disney World. This broke her brain in a way I cannot fully explain. Something about living a childhood dream. So we’re locked in for life (I enjoy it far more than I let on).

I think I’ve posted before about the lack of hobby possibilities in Disney Parks. But the last time we went I decided to pick up some packs of figures with the full intention of grimdarking them.

I started with Mike from Monsters Inc. with the intention of using him as a Herald of Nurgle in 40k or AoS.

I then moved on to Sully, he required a bit more work, wings, chainsaw fingers, the usual. I think the end goal here was to use him as a Daemon Prince:

In the past week I set about zombifying Goofy. It was a fairly easy process, being a vinyl figure he was mostly hollow so cutting him up was easy enough. It’s mostly Miliput work. I’m particularly happy with his damaged shoe which I sculpted his toes in. His severed arm that he’s also decided to chew on involved miliput and a cocktail stick for that sticking out bone.

The whole thing was painted in the standard way. I did do some stippling on his legs though to represent more of a denim look than just a flat blue.

Here he is finished alongside a post apocalyptic Donald. One technique I stumbled across in this entire process was using No More Nails on furry/hairy/feathery parts of the figures and stabbing it with a wet paintbrush to give them a more mangy look, it is most easily visible above on Sully and on the top of Donald’s head.

There’s a few more figures to go yet, I’m looking forward to getting into Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear could definitely do with a Bolter and a bunch of battle damage.

I was hoping to post more on Neo-Arcane this week as I’m still playing and having a lot of fun with it, but I feel like the Snyder Cut of The Justice League might eat up some hobby time this weekend.

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