The Return of My Anime-ish Rules

I cleaned up my hobby desk earlier this week. With so much more extra space I’ve managed to fit in a small gaming area right next to my painting station. So figures once dry can be pushed right into the action! The space itself could probably just about house a 2’x2’ board, but for now I’m playing around with a 1’x1’. My initial thought was to break out my 28mm figures and play some fantasy Tiny Wars (rules are in the menu on the right).

But then I rediscovered my little road board and anime-ish figures:

The forces of the Black Eve corporation take on the vile incarnations of the Mortuary (it’s not a Resident Evil rip off honestly).

One reason the game didn’t initially get off of the ground and get much solo play from me were the rules. The core combat mechanic was a little too clunky. Each figure had three main stats Mind, Body and Spirit. A Black Eve Enforcer with an Assault rifle would make a ranged attack. Assault Rifles being physical weapons would use the body stat. The Enforcers body was 3, the Rifle’s 2, so they’d roll five dice for the attack in total. The target would then roll a number of dice equal to their body in defence. Each die from the attacker that had a value on it not rolled by the defender would count as a hit. For each hit the defender loses 1 life. Simple stuff, but you do spend the majority of your time looking at dice and matching numbers instead of playing the game, or rather enjoying the prospect of a bunch of heavily armed troopers being overrun by zombies.

While doing something menial at work and pondering my rules I had a minor epiphany. Instead of comparing the dice, the defender’s relevant stat is simply your target number to beat. So now the Assault Rifle attack has five dice rolled for it and each needing a four or higher because the target’s Body stat is a 3. I’m also then able to throw in that if a 6 is rolled something special will happen: the weapon’s critical effect. For example in the Sniper Rifle’s case a 6 means 6 additional damage. For an Assault Rifle you can re-roll all of your misses. The rocket launcher hit explodes and does area effect or splash damage. When zombies bite they infect. Get infected too much and your guys start looking at you funny and licking their lips.

Additionally I’ve thought about making 1s significant too, they could earn you a tactical point, which when saved up can unleash powerful abilities.

After all that excitement I put in a rather sizeable (well sizeable for me) order with Irregular Miniatures. I’m not a fan of how my original zombies and troopers came out so I’m going to remake those two groups. They look pretty good in pictures here, but not so great close up. I’m also adding in two other factions ‘Doctrine’ your typical gang of religious zealots who may or may not be using the tortured souls of demons to devastating effect and the ‘Dragon Temple’ a martial arts school that will be making Bruce Lee sounds and hitting pressure points to pop people’s heads.

I’m also thinking of a fifth faction the ‘Toy Makers’ where I’d take the 28mm Goblins Irregular do and combine them with smaller scale figures or ‘toys’. Think Santa’s workshop went rogue and now are coming from a parallel dimension to steal children, Puppet Master meets Phantasm.

While waiting for that package I’m really enjoying play testing the rules I have so far. The Mind/Body/Spirit system works really well and really creates that Rock/Paper/Scissors gameplay I really like. It’s about getting the right units into the right positions to deal maximum damage.

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