Taking Stock of my Warhammer Problem

The last two weekends have been spent assembling flat pack furniture and organising several rooms in the house. So much so that there hasn’t been a huge amount of hobby progress although there is a rather strange project underway that might see a post in the next few days.

A really good thing about getting new furniture is that I can steal the old stuff and put it in my hobby room, and in doing so I had amassed enough shelf space to put my warhammer armies on display.

First up the Deathguard got their own shelf, and filled it, which I was not expecting, although there is room for a little more.

My Khorne Orruks then got a smaller shelf elsewhere, they’re not too big just yet. I’ve posted a couple of times in these guys in the past, on actually on how to save even more money on a warhammer army, that post is here.

Then I managed to get all of the Fleshforged into a single shelf. That’s my Slaves to Darkness army for Age of Sigmar that I made mostly using old Chaos Space Marine kits and parts.

I managed to get the next three army projects into a single large shelf, first my Tzeentch Daemons:

My Chaostodes:

And lastly that Grand Alliance Chaos Army I’m actually really looking forward to growing. I’m thinking of slowly picking up all of the Chaos Start Collecting boxes from Age of Sigmar to build it. The post on super speed painting them is only a couple of weeks old and is here (I’ve added three Varanguard since then).

The top of the large bookshelf saw three more smaller armies come out, my small Eldar collection:


And my Blanchitsu ‘Children of the Weirwood’:

The big green boy with the oversized plasma pistol is my counts as Mortarion for the Deathguard who seriously needs finishing. The guy behind him in blue and grey… I have no idea about, must be a greater daemon for some bat based chaos god.

This is not to mention a small colourful daemons army previously posted on here. A massive Khorne Daemons army, and a Slaanesh army also seen before here. Necrons. I’m also currently working on 2000 points of Chaos Space Marines, and have a small collection of Primaris Marines in a box that has yet to surface in the sorting. I think I might have enough warhammer for now. But it is nice to know that come the end of all things, if I was the last man alive I could have a pretty huge solo campaign.

Here’s a sneak peak of that other project for a post I mentioned at the start:

3 thoughts on “Taking Stock of my Warhammer Problem

  1. Great pics, but won’t the armies collect dust if left in the open like that? I wouldn’t be without my filing cabinets, even if I sometimes forget what’s where.

  2. That is an issue. I’ve got some of those air cans for cleaning out keyboards, hoping that will disturb the air enough that dust won’t settle. I think the end goal is to get some of those glass cabinets from IKEA.

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