Getting Back Into Deathzap

Since the big Oltra campaign I played out a good while ago I’ve been constantly attempting to get back to the Deathzap universe but I’ve always struggled. I think that’s largely because I wanted Deathzap to be something it never should be my own Warhammer 40k. In actuality what Deathzap is and should always be is cheap, quick and easy gaming, that’s about adventure, fun and imagination.

Over the past week I’ve been trying various older versions of the rules, weird and wacky ideas and even just trying out any old ruleset I could find in my collection: Laserburn, Combat Zone, Use Me Sci-fi, Age of Sigmar to name a few. This was all about throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what stuck.

In between those strange little games I’ve been building some Deathzap specific scenery and painting up new forces all in an attempt to get myself back into the Xolar Universe. One such project involved this:

The little red plastic cuboids were glued to plasticard bases, textured and painted for a easy set of concrete barricades:

I painted the back of a foam tile for an easy board and threw down my foam rock terrain and new barricades this evening and delved back into Deathzap using my own Simple Toy Soldier Game, which with a few tweaks easily catered for platoons rather than just squads:

The Allegiance of Gnossos took on the Rin Empire (members of the Jendari Collective I have never modelled before). The figures are roughly 20mm scale or 1/72 and came from Amazon, you can get them here. I was put on to these by a great guy on Instagram called Wolfliche I’d highly recommend checking him out. He also operates Eye Cast Restoration a site about vintage fantasy and sci-fi wargaming.

They’re still nice and cheap (you get 700 figures for £10) and they’re sculpted far better than the usual pound shop fare despite their smaller size.

Playing Solo and playing as the Rin I chose to tactically withdraw after being out manoeuvred and outgunned by the Gnossos. My superior numbers just couldn’t beat their superior skill and technology.

I’m looking forward to persevering with Deathzap, expanding the world and lore, maybe drawing up some more flags and creating maps for the various planets and their individual nations.

Put any ideas in the comments. If you’d like to name a place, or have a cool idea for an army, just let me know if I think it fits it will definitely be included!

6 thoughts on “Getting Back Into Deathzap

  1. I am super humbled, thank you for the shout-out! I love this scale and your figures look great. I am happy to hear you are getting back on the horse with Deathzap. I was thinking of some background myself, if I can collect my notes I will be happy to share them with you. -W0lfliche

  2. Don’t give up on Deathzap, it’s genius! Gosh, there are lots of sources for inspiration out there for names & forces, but would they fit into the Deathzap universe? Getting all philosophical, what’s the essential nature of it and where are the limits or shall we say preferences? For example, I was listening to a series on BBC radio 4 called Tumanbay, set in medieval-ish North Africa but not exactly as history tells it – they have had a warrior cult (think Knights Hospitaller) called The Balarac ruled by a blind and slightly mad Grand Master, and a mysterious and possibly mystical leader called Maya whose secretive followers are in concealment everywhere (or are they?)…

  3. Might I make a request? If you could post up the most complete version of the rules and background so that we can work parallel to you in army and world-building? Kindly thanks!

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