Selenoids, Prosecutors and a Map

So since I last posted all the rules up for Deathzap 3 I’ve been frantically attempting to build some of the forces listed especially the stranger ones, and I’ve also been keen to grow and develop the Xolar System and all its planets. My first new force were the Selenoids, this was not a difficult choice for me to make, as it would be a small number of models and they are probably the strangest faction in the game.

Since I’ve been using the 20mm or 1/72 army men it means I have a surplus of those larger figures you see in Poundland, they were perfect for Selenoids. I superglued part of a cocktail stick to each one for their energy spike weapon and covered the entire figure in texture paint. I then painted them silver, covered the figure in Black Templar contrast paint from Games Workshop and then did a little drybrush of a lighter silver around the hand and heads. The spikes were simple layering from red up to yellow.

I’m particularly happy with a new Selenoid unit the ‘Gunbeast’ which I’ve had in my head for a very long time, but never managed to actually make. The Gunbeast is their version of a light tank. It will most likely be a scenario specific model, or I might allow you to take one, but at the cost of two Selenoids in your platoon. To make one of your own, find a suitable dinosaur figure, chop its head off and shove a bunch of cocktail sticks down its neck hole, then cover with texture paint.

I’ve also managed to put together a force for the Prosecution Directive a new Allegiance of Gnossos subfaction. Their role is to hunt down and ultimately kill anyone attempting to steal or sell on Gnossian technology to other factions.

That’s pretty much all the painting I’ve managed to do for Deathzap (I am simultaneously attempting to build a Chaos Space Marines Army for 40k so cut me some slack!). I have been world building though, and to that end I’ve managed a better version of the map of Jendar I showed a long while ago. I hope to soon get a map for each planet together.

All nations west of the Boskova Mountains are part of House Baronor including Haerkalia. All nations east are part of the Jendari Collective. North and South Cameria are part of neither, although South Cameria is supplied by House Baronor, and North Cameria by the Collective.

I should add that the rules for Deathzap 3 and all the force lists are now up in the menu. There’s already been a couple of changes, this is very much a living set of rules, although nothing too much should change unless I completely break something!

7 thoughts on “Selenoids, Prosecutors and a Map

  1. The Selenoids remind me of the minions in The Suicide Squad. 40k is a rabbit hole with no bottom … Deathzap, by contrast, looks fun 🙂

    Regards, Chris

  2. Yes, filler, no more nails, sand and pva glue. I couldn’t tell you the exact measurements as I just sort of add a little more of each ingredient until it looks right. But it does behave almost identically to any of the basing paints from games workshop.

  3. Do you blend those three ingredients and then apply or do you use the No more nails and then coat with PVA and sand? Do you apply the NMN straight from the nozzle or use an applicator such as a knife or stick?

  4. I mix all the ingredients in a tub and then apply it with an old brush, a spatula or stick would also do. Then if I get clumps or bits in the wrong place I roughly shape it with another old brush that’s slightly wet.

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