Ashnyr was colonised at the same time as Jendar. When the Jendari pilgrims settled in the Xolar system it was determined that a few smaller ships would split off from the main fleet in order to begin colonisation of other habitable planets within the Xolar system. This was a security measure as no one knew what dangers existed in the new system whether they be pathogens, other life forms, weather patterns or natural disasters. Ashnyr itself was largely uninhabitable apart from a large crater believed to have been caused by a meteor strike, the strike caused mountains around the edges of the crater which then caused new weather patterns. Water which was limited on the planet began to gather in the crater, then evaporate. The rain froze on the mountain tops and in the summers ran into great lakes at their bases, eventually spilling into a newly formed sea. The ocean of Ashnyr after millions of years began to teem with life, the land however other than basic vegetation was empty.

The Jendari Pilgrims that arrived on Ashnyr roughly 2000 years ago were a single great Wartribe lead by three siblings Kharthion Ashnyr, Zandor Ashnyr and Derrinae Ashnyr. They were the toughest of the Pilgrims, and it was believed that they were the only ones likely to survive on the hostile planet. Others would have thought they had been given the short end of the stick but Kharthion, Zandor and Derrinae relished the challenge.

It was not long before the Ashnyrs had fully settled the land. But conquest still filled their hearts and minds. While the land was tough and hard to thrive on, they were a little disappointed that no battles needed to be fought. To slake that desire it was determined that each of the siblings would put forward their greatest champions and a tournament would be fought, with each champion that could prove themselves worthy in the arena having one of the lands named in their honour.

Kharthion submitted – Casseran, Arrinae, Arryal, Lennari, Tersh, Sura, Vira and Arzen.

Derrinae submitted – Her husband Arrjak, Tennria, Sykar, Valko, Gorrak and Minroth.

Zandor submitted – Varsi, Darak, Desh, Vennik, Jaykor, Kallen, Vordak, Kynira, Errid and Kell.

Each sibling did submit other champions, they however did not prove worthy enough to have their names immortalised.

Arrjak surpassed any of the other champions and gained a number of accolades, on one occasion slaying ten other heavily armed champions with his bare hands. This caught the eye of Malorad a science advisor that had come from the Gnossian pilgrim fleet to help the Ashnyr’s in their colonisation of Ashnyr. Arrjak and Malorad quickly engaged in an affair and upon finding out Derrinae threw herself from a cliff into the ocean and was never seen again. Enraged by Arrjak’s actions and the death of their sister, Kharthion and Zandor slew Arrjak and Malorad as they slept together. They cut up their bodies, swapped limbs over and stitched them back together, they then paraded the corpses through the arena, and declared they would invade the planet Gnossos and take vengeance.

Horrified by what she had just witnessed, fearing the Xolar system would fall into the same chaos as the Solar system, and being a trained assassin herself Gorrak’s wife Vesh killed the two brothers. A war followed as the various champions attempted to fill the power vacuum and take control of the colony. None could succeed alone however and none alone had the hearts and minds of the people so they formed alliances under their names of the siblings.

Casseran, Varsi, Vira, Arrinae, Sura, Arryal, Arzen, Lennari and Tennria formed the Legion of Kharthion.

Gorrak, Minroth, Darak, Vennik, Vordak, Kell and Kallen formed the League of Zandor.

Tersh, Sykar, Valko, Jaykor, Errid, Desh and Kynira had already fallen in battle.

The newly formed League and Legion battled for supremacy on the peninsula that had been given to Arrjak. The war lasted two Ashnyran years (four and a half Jendari years), and ended in a stalemate. Each year since the end of the civil war both sides submitted champions once again to the arena, their blood paying the toll to the death goddess Malorad, so she wouldn’t reap the planet once again.

The duels turned into skirmishes, the skirmishes into battles and spread out from the arena, until the entire peninsula was engulfed in the contest now known as Warsport.

Today the nations of Casseran, Arrinae, Arryal, Lennari, Tennria form the Legion of Kharthion, and Darak, Vennik, Vordak, Kell and Gorrak form the League of Zandor.

Each of the capital cities were named by the champions and were mostly named after the champion’s spouse or partner, although some chose parents or siblings. Gorrak for example named his capital Vesh after his wife, Arrinae also named her’s Pollinae after her wife. Casseran however named his after Garronir his father.

Vesh’s actions in killing Kharthion and Zandor have since fallen into legend as none could prove her guilt at the time. The story travelled to Jendar where Vesh are now known as a secretive sisterhood of assassins who only ever act in the protection of the people and of peace.


Synths are synthetic humanoids who were originally used by the Legion of Kharthion for training, and even bolstered numbers for larger scale conflicts and campaigns within Warsport. Eventually however they saw full military action. It was rumoured before the rebellion fifty two Ashnyran years ago that more than half of the Legion of Kharthion’s armed forces were synths. The League refrained from such methods. They had become deeply religious and believed synthetic humanoids to be an abomination. To counter Kharthion’s growing numbers however the League started specialised breeding programs. The moment a teenager became capable of breeding they would be called up for a fertility evaluation. Only those with the highest probability of producing offspring were allowed to mate, and would have several partners, all with the intention of maximising the size of the Zandoran population.

Once the synths realised their potential power separate from the Legion they rebelled. Multiple terror attacks and assassinations of high ranking Kharthion politicians and generals took place. The Kharthion response was to call in all synths and have their skin dyed any colour that would not match a natural human skin colour, as initially to make Warsport more exciting for the fans the syths themselves were indistinguishable from humans. The smartest of the synths however had hidden their intelligence from their owners, and then killed their owners and erased their records so that they could not be called in to have their skin colour altered. They formed a new ruling class over the lesser more machine like synths. Kharthion outnumbered and losing the fight called on Zandor for help, and with their combined power managed to push the Synths off of the planet and into space.

The synths then formed the Hegemony of Synthos and have since lived on board the fleet of ships they stole from Khartion as they evacuated the planet. It is rumoured however that some high ranking officials and leaders on multiple planets are in fact from that original caste of smarter synths and that they are secretly pulling the strings.

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