Super Speed Painting Chaos Space Marines and Building My Army

I haven’t had all that much hobby time for Deathzap of late, this is largely down to me attempting to paint an entire chaos space marine army for a game this weekend now restrictions have been lifted.

I went with the same scheme I worked out a little while ago, but this time adding in green:

I really like the effect. Chaos Space Marines in my opinion should be caked is grime and dry blood, and all that extra texture the typhus corrosion really helps that look.

I’ve also added in blood for the blood god, mostly coming out of any mouth vents and leaking from the spaces between armour panels. I’m not sure what chaos affliction has affected my force but I like the contrast the gloss adds to things, and the idea of them permanently bleeding but never dying creeps me out.

The bases are supposed to be quick and easy, they’re just painted with contrast, drybrushed and then I put down some patches of different green washed and a fluorescent green paint at random. It’s entirely designed to make the mostly red figures pop, and represents a toxic wasteland.

I’ve still got quite a way to go before my game, I need to finish this lot off:

Then there’s ten Possessed, a Helldrake and a Daemon Prince to get through. Not being a fan of the current Possessed models Games Workshop sells I decided to convert my own out of a box of regular marines and spare Daemon parts. For Slaanesh I built this guy:



And finally Tzeentch:

Not having had much Slaanesh stuff in the past, and based on the fact that Slaanesh Daemons are a little bit slender for this work I love only made the one Slaanesh possessed and made three for each other god.

I’m not expecting much from my toxic warband, supposedly Chaos Marines are a little underpowered right now as we desperately await a new codex, but it will probably be a fun fight none the less.

If you think of a good name for this force based on the look of my warband let me know!

3 thoughts on “Super Speed Painting Chaos Space Marines and Building My Army

  1. dissapointed by the lack of spawn after we spent a hour going over the sure win strategy with them 🙂

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