Wasteman is a fun little skirmish game originally put out by Thunderchild Miniatures and now on Old School Miniatures. It’s a fast and bloody game, with lots of random occurrences and strange twists and turns.

The miniatures are probably my favourite thing, they’re nice chunky sculpts with good detail and not covered in overly complicated and unnecessary details.

One of the big parts of the game are the M.A.D cards. Each player has a hand of five cards and they can normally be played at any point. They cover such things as alien abductions, robot malfunctions and giant monsters stepping on people.

The gameplay is nice and straight forward, each player has five activations each turn and players alternate activating figures. When a figure activates they get a number of actions equal to their AP stat. They can move 5”, make an attack or attempt to make better use of cover for a single action.

You compare the power of the attacker against the armour of the defender on a table to determine the value you need to roll in order to hit the target. Then if successful you make a roll on the injury table. A figure can be ‘spooked’ meaning they get one less action next time they are activated, ‘Crippled’ meaning their movement is reduced as is their attack power, they can suffer a ‘serious injury’ meaning they’re out of the game unless healed, and dead, which well I guess you already know what that means.

There are a number of special skills and abilities that affect gameplay. Some figures are immune to certain injuries, might hit harder in combat, move and attack for a single action or give actions to other figures.

It’s a really fun game, and as a little aside the rulebook contains the rules for larger games, units rather than just individual figures and rules for building your own profiles for your own figure collection. You could effectively play a game of Warhammer 40k with these rules.

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