Chaos Space Marine Chosen and the Joy of Old Models

I’ve recently been rummaging through the drawers of old and unpainted models and my rather enormous ‘bits box’ in the hopes of building units for my growing World Eaters army for 40k essentially for free (since I guess I’ve previously paid for said bits, they’re not in actuality actually free).

While digging I found some old Chaos Warriors. These warriors are the two generations ago incarnation of the humble chaos warrior, taking into account the recent release of monopose warriors in the Slaves to Darkness start collecting box.

After adding some chaos marine bits, including era appropriate backpacks and mostly era appropriate weaponry I had myself a squad of 6 Chosen. It seemed fitting to me that these guys would represent my veterans.

After painting in my current scheme here’s what I had:

I have to say I enjoy their rather squat proportions and Ork like bone structure with the heads jutting out of the front of the bodies rather than sitting on top. Strangely despite their comparatively large size the modern-ish terminator lightning claws I picked out don’t look out of place on my unit champion.

Everyone else was given either a bolt or plasma pistol and kept their original metal chaos warrior weapons, albeit cut down, so halberds became axes.

The classic un-helmeted head below hit me hard right in the nostalgia. I had a box of these guys and some chaos warrior cavalry for my 8th or 9th birthday.

I figured painting their standard weapons in a glowy way would do well to represent power weapons. They’re based yellow, washed with hexwraith flame, dry rushed with yellow again and then I add a little OSL using tesseract glow. The tesseract glow works really well and can just be slapped on in the right areas.

Painting inside the helmets wasn’t a challenge either, using a nice bright green water colour paint I was able to achieve the effect of glowing eyes. Just make sure to use a spray varnish before you get sweaty hands on them!

The warrior below was converted by its previous owner to have a spare skeleton warrior head instead of a chaos warriors head. Instead of cutting it away I decided to honour that decision. I’ll name him Sergeant Bonehead.

I’m excited to get them on the table even though at the moment Chosen are supposed to be one of the worst units for Chaos. Hopefully the new codex will change things!

3 thoughts on “Chaos Space Marine Chosen and the Joy of Old Models

  1. I like the green, especially on the base. I suppose it is a kind of toxic slime. Usually bright green grass will provide a contrast with a dark figure but these kind of blokes look better in a less pleasant environment.

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