U-Skirm Battle Report: The Family vs The Scrots

Two forces line up on the dark plain hoping to gain territory, and shedding a little blood wouldn’t hurt.

I had a simple scenario in mind. At the end of each turn a side gains 1 point per figure they have in the enemy deployment zone, plus they gain 1 point per kill. First side to 10 points wins. Since this is an Igo-Ugo game if the side that gets the first turn scores 10 and the opposing side manages 10 on their next turn I’ll count it as a draw. If a side fails a morale test regardless of the score at that point they’ll lose.

Below the sides were ready to clash, but the Scrot Wolf was already nipping at Momma’s heels.

After a couple of turns of jostling for position the two sides were stuck in the middle with no real breakthroughs.

A significant turn in the battle happened shortly afterwards however, and The Family’s Daddy cleaved the Scrot Boss’ head in half. Without their boss the Scrots wouldn’t be able to re-roll failed morale tests so would lose as soon as they failed.

Despite that the Scrots broke through the Family line and attempted to win the scenario on points, using their greater numbers to sway things.

Things took another turn here. A single Scrot Cutter that thought he had gotten away became trapped between a Sister and an Uncle. The Uncle failed with his giant cleaver, but maybe he caused enough of a distraction as the Sister was able to rip out his throat. The cutter fell to the ground and bled out quickly.

Fearing the Family would lose due to the numbers of Scrots, Daddy decided to switch tactics and take out some of the smaller targets. He charged into two Scuts (those as smaller Scrots played by Irregular’s 15mm orcs).

He crushed one of the Scuts instantly.

The Scrots fled at the end of the turn after rolling very poorly for their morale. All told the Family were ahead on points the game ending 6-1, however that may have quickly changed had the Scrot morale held.

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