Different Kinds of Chrome

As mentioned in my previous post, I had some more figures coming my way from Irregular, figures which were going to be painted up in different kinds of monochrome. The first were my ‘Metal Men’, which included a Battle Robot from their 15mm sci-fi range I’ve dubbed Killborg and a Battle Robot from their 28mm sci-fi range (that’s the beefier one) I’m calling a Heavy Killborg, two Lead Men from their 28mm Superheroes range (Manborgs), and two four legged walkers from their 2mm sci-fi range as Dogborgs. These guys are in metallic monochrome, I did the usual zenithal prime spray, and then covered them in a light silver (which had poor enough coverage that the zenithal spray showed through), got to work with various washes and contrast paints for that monochrome look and did a final highlight with the same light silver.

Since I allowed red as a spot colour for blood I figured I could potentially get away with a fully red faction. These are from Irregular’s 6mm Science Fiction and Space Ships range and called ‘Bionaughts’. I figured they would make fairly creepy and gross looking flying aliens. The two front and centre I’ve called ‘Moonheads’, the two on either side are ‘Saucerheads’, the two with the long tails at the back are ‘Bugheads’ and the two things on the ground are ‘Hives’.

I played a short game this morning using a simplified version of the rules posted last time as I was curious how simple a rule set could be while still being fun and tactical, where the weight of the actual tactics were carried by the scenario rather than complicated rules for the miniatures. To achieve this simpler version I added a stat for Ranged Attacks and removed all of the special rules. It worked pretty well. I’m considering adding something like command points in 40k, a finite resource that allows you to reroll dice or add 1 to a die already rolled.

I have a list of 6 objectives and I randomly rolled for 3, in this case the first side to kill the unicorn would score a point, the side with the most figures within 3″ of the centre of the board would score a point, and lastly the side with the most figures in their opponent’s deployment zone would score a point. The side with the most points at the end of turn 6, or when one side was routed would win the game. Oh and you scored a point for making the other side rout.

The game started with the Metal Men marching to the top of the hill and spooking the unicorn into charging the Bionaughts.

A couple of turns later and the game was a swirling melee for the centre of the board.

Crucially at this point the damaged Killborg from the Metal Men killed the unicorn scoring them a point. Additionally one of the Cyborgs skewered a Moonhead making things look bad for the Bionaughts.

But it was the Bionaughts speed that won them the battle, two flew off into the Metal Men’s deployment zone, leaving enough in the centre to hold it, and with the two Bugheads and a Saucerhead chewing their way through a Manborg on the last turn they outnumbered the Metal Men in the centre. Neither side routed despite losses, so the Bionaughts won 2-1.

The poor Manborg didn’t stand a chance!

I just need to finish up my Ents now and I’ll have more figures to add to the fray!

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