Elemental Knights

Sometimes I just do things for fun, strange I know. Ever since I was a kid playing with toy knights on my bedroom floor I’ve loved the plate armour look. Thankfully to scratch that itch alongside your average poundshop toy soldier with their WW2-ish kit, you can often find bags of 54mm, or 1/32 knights on the cheap. A lot of them have decent detail, but have the usual odd proportions, squashed heads, questionable poses and bizarre weaponry. I still love them though, there’s something about the potential of a bag of plastic crap, like a blank canvass or empty notebook, that just gets the creative juices flowing.

I also find myself with odd hobby inclinations, I spend the majority of my time painting and enjoy it, but always want to burn through stuff as quickly as possible. I enjoy quick paint schemes that are striking, rather than slowly picking out all the details. To that end, and with a big amazon box full of cheap plastic knights, last weekend I started making the stuff below.


Turns out that if you’re willing to put a little effort in you can easily chop and change arms and legs on these figures, and put them back together with a bit of superglue. I got some really decent poses compared to what I started with, and there’s not a single repeated figure in the bunch.


I painted them quickly and easily using tried and tested techniques consisting mostly of washes and drybrusing. The bases were really important too in selling the chosen element of the figures.



I’m not sure if this leads anywhere. I’ll probably put together some small skirmish game, but I have noticed that eight figures ranked up looks a decent size, so I might be thinking about bigger battles. A civil war between the various elements, or are there other cheap figures out there that would make good enemies?

6 thoughts on “Elemental Knights

  1. That is a very original approach. These figures seem to be based on The Black prince, even the archers that you did not include.
    Some decades ago there were silver plastic HK copies of Britains Detail knights and black and silver copies of Timpo Action Pack. they provided quite a lot of troops for my medieval armies.
    More recently there were some cheapo Chinese made figures with strange clubs that look like they have pineapples on the ends.
    I also used these slightly bigger knights as orks by giving them Eureka Miniatures orc heads; I got a swag of those heads years ago from Nick at Eureka Miniatures. The heads were intended for smaller figures but were the right size for 54mm.
    There are also some 65mm fantasy knights from Supreme that make good Chaos knights. They are harder to get now and may be more expensive.

  2. Thank you very much for that comment! I remembered having some plastic knights as a kid but never knew who made them, they were such good quality! Turns out I had a Timpo Action pack!

  3. How did you create the leaves on the forest knights? I’m painting up some of the same figures from the Battlefield Knights bag, and will be using your bog roll wraiths article!

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