Bog Roll Wraiths

I think I found an opponent for my Elemental Knights, although I don’t think I’ll call them Bog Roll Wraiths. Loo Paper Lichs perhaps?

The figures I used were the standard low quality plastic knights you find littering discount shops. The quality of the figures is significantly lower than the other cheap knights that I used for the Elementals. One thing these cheap knights will be good for are their helmets, they don’t look very knightly, and so chopping a couple off and gluing them to your standard WW2 cheap toy soldier will make them look more sci-fi for Deathzap.

For Wraiths though I started by gluing torn up pieces of toilet paper to the tops of their heads with PVA glue. This was to hold things in place on the model before the next step.

Using a 50/50 mix of water and PVA coat the paper and pull it down onto the figure. You’ll find this easier if you also coat the figure underneath. Once the first layer is dry do the same again so you have two coats of paper and glue. This makes everything nice and sturdy. If their are some particularly flowing parts that don’t feel particularly strong I found a coat of superglue hardens them up.

Then on to painting. I primed everything grey, but that’s simply because I don’t have a black primer, so after the prime was dry I sprayed eveyrhting black.

The cloth was done with a couple of layers of drybrushing. It’s at this point that you realise that the toilet paper trick gives a far better result than would have been possible with greenstuff or milliput. It’s got fantastic texture and its thickness is correct for the scale. A lot of the time sculpted robes look like they would be a couple of inches thick if a figure was scaled up to life size

Painting from here on out was your standard fair, basecoats and washes. I didn’t do any highlighting at all preferring the dark and dirty look. I was largely drawing inspiration from the Blind Dead series of films.

I added a green glow to the weapons, painted the bases brown and added tufts to finish them off.

Overall I’m really pleased with them, not only do I think they look great, but also they were super quick and easy to do.

I wonder if the Elemental Knights will be able to stand up to the onslaught of the Wraiths? It’s unlikely since they are outnumbered, but maybe with some reinforcements things will go a little better?

5 thoughts on “Bog Roll Wraiths

  1. Very effective tatty texture for wraiths. These have worked up nicely (and for pence …)

  2. Excellent use of loo roll, and thanks for the reminder of just how awful many films were in the 70’s (Bugsy Malone and Platoon being honourable exceptions. 🙂

    Regards, Chris.

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