North and South Cameria go to War!

Thinking I’d make use of the some of the figures seen in my last post I’ve embarked on a long intended project within the Deathzap universe, that being the Camerian Civil War. I’ve started by painting two simple skirmish forces of North and South Camerians using the old Airfix Afrika Korps and 8th Army.

First up are my Northerners:

The Flag of North Cameria

All the paint jobs below are mostly Citadel Contrast paints over a simple white prime. Only the skin and weapons were picked out with regular acrylics and given a wash. I go back and forth as to whether it is worth putting a wash over the contrast paints to give them a little depth. The pro of washing them is that you get that depth, and the figure looks more cohesive, but the the con is that the colours appear more washed out and don’t look as good from a distance.

There’s something a little ‘communist’ looking about my Northerners, which is not entirely intentional. The Northerners are funded and equipped by the Jendari Collective.

The Southerners:

The Flag of South Cameria

The South Camerians are funded and equipped by House Baronor. They fight for the Camerian Royal Family.

There’s a vested interest in both the Jendari Collective and House Baronor keeping the Civil War going, should Cameria be won by either side the balance of power on Jendar would crumble, and a planetary Civil war would almost inevitably result.

The Northern Camerians assault a Southern position, in a rather haphazard and unrealistic fashion (but it looks cool none the less). Army Red and Army Blue perhaps?

Rules wise I think it is only right to use Featherstone’s Close Wars, but as always there will be tweaks. Vintage Airfix figures deserve Vintage rules!

6 thoughts on “North and South Cameria go to War!

  1. I’ve got a couple to do, but I’m debating as to whether the Jendari Collective or House Baranor supply or even allow anything heavier. I’ve assumed that neither allow bombs of a certain size for their ability to be too decisive. I’m just wondering now where that cut off point is? And what interesting battlefield tactics might come out of bizarre and bureaucratic restrictions?

  2. Deathzap
    These tweaked ImagiNations Airfix type 1 figures look great repainted and based, especially with darker skin tones. Stylish. I hope you enjoy your skirmish games with them. If you need more Type 1 figures, they turn up in batches quite often on eBay.

    As well as Close Wars, there are simple WW2 rules in Featherstone’s 1962 War Games – Softback (and digital?) reprint available from John Curry at the History of Wargaming project.

    There are also a 1963 variant in a model soldier book by Featherstone mehtuoing the imminent arrival of these Type 1 figure

    And in Henry Harris’ 1960s toy soldier book Featherstone wrote a chapter on Wargaming with these simple rules

    Simplest Featherstone rules ever?

  3. You have done an excellent job on these vintage figures, they look great. I look forward to seeing more about them.

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