Oltra Burns Again

In the interest of starting up some Deathzap 3 again I’ve been amassing forces. Representing the SynJen were my previously seen Rin Empire platoon, but to back them up I’ve added a platoon of Volkovian Knights and a Beam Tank:

For the A.L.L I’ve actually only built Gnossian forces, again you’ve seen my Sector Army and Prosecution Directive platoons before but this time I’ve added and EM4 mech as a Wautomata:

Finally to represent the Guardians of Kannis I’ve got a Pariah Tribes plate on and a Davian Supremacy platoon:

One of the scariest units the Pariah Tribes have access to are the Afflicted. They are the most twisted and corrupted of Mortan’s experiments, now used as shock troops.

The Davian Supremacy although a little hard to see here are based on my figure from the previous post:

I’m a really big fan of the dark purple.

The Guardians of Kannis are missing their support unit to counter the SynJen’s Beam Tank or the A.L.L Wautomata, I’m unsure yet whether it will be something that is part of the super advanced tech of the Davian Supremacy or should be a hulking mutant like the Pariah Tribe’s Afflicted.

All of this is in the interest of playing out the Oltra Campaign to a significant conclusion rather than the stalemate it ended in before. Instead of a single platoon aside I’m thinking of having two with those support units and playing on a 3’x3’ or 4’x4’ board.

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