Homemade Acrylic Gaming Mats

I played a game of Deathzap 3 this weekend which I’ll be writing up shortly. I played it out on a portion of dust sheet I’d hastily sprayed rivers, wooded areas and roads on.

It did the job, but I was aware from several YouTube videos that people use dust sheets to make their own gaming mats using acrylic caulk. So I ran to the discount shop and grabbed some caulk.

I squirted it all out (3 full tubes) into a tub and mixed is with some black paint. In hindsight I think that was probably the wrong thing to do since it took a very long time to dry and I was going to paint it anyway, so it was a tad unnecessary.

I dabbed texture on with an old sock and made roads using a wet paintbrush. I then painted it, simple stuff, mostly just basecoats and a little drybrushing, and then I added some flock.

I threw some terrain on at this point to see what it would look like finished and was really happy with the result.

I left it over night and then cut off the excess. The whole thing rolls up really well and unrolls flat, it’s a must do project for folks looking for good looking and cheap wargaming with little effort.

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