Easy Terrain – Cork Placemat Buildings

It’s nice to have some actual terrain for Deathzap in the right scale and that isn’t festooned with skulls. While bumbling round Dunelm Mill I spotted a set of four cork placemats for £5, a steal for me considering that good cork tiles are hard to come by in my locality. Cork has many advantages over other terrain building materials – cardboard is cheap and readily available but you need to fill in the corrugations. Foam core is expensive (at least where I am) and requires you to protect the foam from spray cans. Cork on the other hand is lightweight, strong enough, and comes textured making painting a breeze.

Im not going to teach you to suck eggs here, draw out the pieces of your building on the cork, cut it out with a sharp knife and glue it together. You can use pretty much any glue. Superglue sticks it instantly so make sure you have steady hands. PVA has a long working time but gives a better bond in the long run. I settle for universal adhesive (like UHU) as I think it gives you the best of both worlds.

For the bases I grabbed a cheap pack of four coasters for £2. They’re sturdy and cork backed so the floor gets the same easy texture.

Spray them black and over brush your colours.

I did the insides grey for contrast, and I didn’t put any rubble inside, this is entirely for speed and ease of use on the table. You could print off scale appropriate wallpaper, or carpet, to make them look more like real places if you want.

I’ve only made four buildings so far, but have enough cork left over for four more, so eight decent size buildings for £9 (one I factor in the cost of more coasters).

4 thoughts on “Easy Terrain – Cork Placemat Buildings

  1. The buildings look very serviceable and effective. I have never made buildings out of cork and tend to adapt commercial toys such as dolls houses, Sesame Street buildings and the odd Western building but the cork works very well.

  2. Cork will take sewing pins to hold it in place whilst the glue is setting, which is another bonus. Nice buildings too.The shop selling “Yelz” doesn’t look as if it is reopening any time soon!

    Regards, Chris.

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