Spiders and Synths

I’ve been adding more forces to my Deathzap 3 collection in preparation for a big, big campaign. One of this things I have been keen to add are more alien races, and with Halloween looming plastic spiders are nice and easy to get hold of:

Here some are next to my new Hegemony of Synthos forces. I sprayed them with grey primer and then gave a dusting of white from above. I then picked out different bits with contrast paints.

I dotted the eyes yellow to finish them off. They’re surprisingly hard to take photos of.

I’m considering bases for them, the advantage of a base is that they look more like gaming pieces. The drawbacks are the added time spent, the added expense of bases, the fact that they don’t need bases to stand up, they currently fit in any gaming environment and they wouldn’t be able to clamber over terrain. Needless to say bases are still a consideration.

I’m debating in my mind as to whether these guys are your basic drone, beast like things, or whether they have a bit more depth, a proper culture and society, another imagined planetary system with spider imagi-nations.

What will their race be called, will it be in their own tongue or are they so alien that in the background fluff I write they’re only ever seen through human eyes?

I dunno… it’s fun thing with cheap gaming that a box of plastic spiders can lead you into an entire new world!

‘I think we’ve had it…’

I promised the wife I’d paint them all in bright colours so she doesn’t mistake one of my toy spiders for the real thing.

6 thoughts on “Spiders and Synths

  1. I like the colour scheme and also humanoids with green skin. The great thing with the spiders is you can use them as aliens or in traditional sword and sorcery.
    A year or so back I got some Halloween spider ‘skeletons’. They are around five inches long and I may put skeleton riders on them. The great thing about fantasy and SF is it does not matter that real spiders do not have internal skeletons but exoskeletons. They are just different creatures and a more realistic idea for such large creatures to have a way to support themselves.
    By the way, as well as my blog. Quantrill’s Toy Soldiers I now also have a FB toy soldier page: ‘Fantasy and SF conversions and wargames in 1/32’. I have mentioned Death Zap a few times on my sites as it is such a blast!

  2. Thanks for the mention on your Facebook page! I’ll definitely join that! They are blue skins. After the Synth rebellion the Legion of Kharthion passed a law that all Synths had to have distinctly non human skin colours so they could be easily identified, although all mine are blue there are some green ones out there.

  3. I’d love to have you there. Although my site mentions 1/32 I’m not rigid about it because there is plenty of crossover of ideas. Your world creation is interesting to all those interested in such things regardless of scales. Also, the conversions can be transferred over to other scales. Then there is that really big scale conversion you did of the articulated figure which is really cool. Can you do me a favour and also try to follow my blog, Quantrill’s Toy Soldiers as I am not sure if the follow device is working. There is a young man in England who shared his description of his created world which includes Native Americans North American goblins!

  4. Thanks. I know plenty of people look at it but it has stayed at 20 followers for years and I think it is because there is no obvious tab. When I look at it from my end I see if I tap on the right a column appears which includes that option but maybe that does not appear for others.

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