Milliput Conversions: The Vel and The Fleshfreak

I’m building up to another large Deathzap campaign, the majority of which I’m hoping to get done next week and to this end I’ve been trying to churn out as many forces and other units as I can.

On my hobby table the past couple of days has been a ‘Fleshfreak’ a support choice for the Exiled Tribes and a Vel platoon, not seen since the early days of Deathzap:

To save on hobbying and converting I’ve written in the rules now that Vel are far more elite than their previously seen version, as now you’ll only need 4 for a full platoon.

Anyway, the Fleshfreak started out as one of these Roman-ish figures from a bag of cheap Knights (the Roman was an odd inclusion).

The Vel were a simple bit of Milliput sculpting on top of my 1/72ish figures. My sculpting skills aren’t currently great, and neither do I have any proper tools, I use a paper clip, a cocktail stick and a dismantled biro pen.

A big part of sculpting if you want to give some a try is patience. You have to do a bit and then let that part cure before you continue, otherwise you tend to smush your hard sculpted details. For the Vel I scuplted their heads first let them cure and then moved on to their armour.

For the Fleshfreak I made the basic shape, and then slowly applied details.

I did end up smushing a little bit on him, probably because I need to learn a little more patience.

I think it all came out well with the paint job:

The Fleshfreak started with GW’s Contrast paints and then I highlighted him, mostly by drybrushing.

The Vel were your standard basecoat, wash, highlight affair.

I picked out some large white heads on the freak, then added Blood for the Blood God (any transparent gloss red will do) into any gaping wounds.

I think he came out really well, and he’s certainly more useful to me than that Roman-ish fella.

Scale wise he’s huge compared to my 1/72ish figures, but his job is to run around, soaking up bullets and flailing his big tentacle arms so he fits nicely. Darros Mortan’s experiments on Kannis can certainly have some terrifying results!

3 thoughts on “Milliput Conversions: The Vel and The Fleshfreak

  1. The Flesh Freak looks suitable terrifying and the paint scheme works very well. As for the cheapo Greek or Roman (more Greek than Roman) I have painted some of these to use in my ancients game but have also converted them by giving them GW pistols and I use them as retro SF type figures. Much of the early 20th century SF featured ancient type warriors with swords, and, if they were lucky. They are big for your scale unless they are monsters but then I do wargame in this scale anyway. The other thing you could use them for is statues.

  2. I like the idea of a statue, I’m going to have to build some kind of heroes
    Monument. It was just strange to see the Greek guy on his own in a bag of medieval knights. I’ve seen some sets where they were all Greeks but I’ve never found any, would love a bag of them! The retro sci fi idea is a really cool one too! I’ve done similar things with head swaps in the past, putting knight helmets on WW2ish figures and painting them in bright colours, that Greek guy would work great for that!

  3. I have pics of some retro SF on my Quantrill’s Toy Soldiers blog site and will put some on my Facebook site some time this week. I made retro SF figures from Airfix Germans and also these Greek ancient figures. I had the world of Flash Gordon in mind. I have also made Burroughs’ Barsoom Red Martians from America Indians.

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