One Step Bases

As a hobbyist with lots of plates spinning I’m always looking to speed up the process of building and painting minis. Since I base most of my minis with sand it takes several steps to get things done – pva glue down sand and wait for it to fully dry, use watered down pva to seal the sand in place, then paint the sand, sometimes there is additional washing and drybrushing before you could even get to flocks and static grasses etc. With Deathzap especially I’ve been spending more time basing the figures than I have been painting them.

Then I remembered Lukes Aps on YouTube and his Geek Gaming Scenics ‘base ready’ range. He puts flock, gravel and sand all in a bag together so all you have to do is apply glue shove the base into the mix and it is essentially done.

Here’s my cheap knock off for folks with easy access to a model railway shop – 1 bag of Woodland Scenics 2mm Medium Green Static Grass, 1 small bag of Javis Scenics Extra Fine Brown Ballast Chips, 1 small bag of Javis Fine Ballast Chippings. Put it all in a pot and stir/ shake vigorously (as the grass naturally wants to sit on top).

Then all you have to do is apply some pva to your figures base and shove them in. I’d recommend applying a fairly thick layer of pva and then after a few minutes gently patting the larger stones to make sure they’re fixed in place.

Here’s my latest addition to Deathzap a League of Zandor Conqueror Platoon looking flashy with their one step bases!

4 thoughts on “One Step Bases

  1. Great post – good to see those unloved pound store plastic figures getting the full expensive metal mini paint and base treatment that they deserve.
    My basing is much the same,
    Figure stuck on MDF Penny / Tuppenny bases,
    Base coated with PVA glue and acrylic paint colour mix (green, brown, sand, whatever) using cocktail stick
    Dipped first quickly for a minute or two into my own woodland scenic flock with trace amounts of sawdust and sand / pebbles etc.
    Then placed into a small tub layer of very fine beach sand to finish off, fill any gaps, dry off

    I don’t currently do a dilute pipette-ish ballast sealing layer of PVA. You do as a result get minimal flock loss and a tiny scurf trail of flock following you and the figure around for the next few games as the base settles down …

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