Big Boys

A nice day was had bumbling around our local ‘big town’ Barnstaple today and the Mrs and I took our weekly pilgrimage to the finest discount shop B&M. Most of the time it’s fairly slim pickings in the toy section but today that was definitely not the case!

76 pieces for £5, sure there’s two flags, 4 barbed wire fences, 4 sandbag walls, but my gosh it still means 66 huge figures. Here’s one of each pose available in the set:

And by huge I mean huge, around 6.5-7cms high, dwarfing my older deathzap figures of choice and making my current figures look absolutely tiny!

Here’s each figure again front and back, I’m seeing Airfix Afrika Korps copies and some Revell Germans in here too, I don’t recognise the more modern figures if you know where they’re from let me know!

If you live in the UK and have a B&M nearby I’d highly recommend getting a tub! I’m already thinking about grabbing a second.

Who brings a bolt rifle to a real gun fight?

4 thoughts on “Big Boys

  1. Two of the poses I got in a different bag of 60mm plus figures a few years ago. The others I haven’t seen before but some may be copies of Hing Fat figures (a Chinese company).
    Some of the figures look vaguely like Afrika Corps but with shrunken canister at the back. The ones with shorts look vaguely like 8th Army.
    The oversized guns give them a Warhammer 40K look. (Hing Fat also did over sized guns and a variety of WW2 troops including 8th Army and Germans).

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