Deathzap Progress

So I didn’t manage to get my Deathzap campaign going in the week I had off of work, but I did make a lot of progress on the Deathzap front.

I played a good few disconnected games just to make sure the rules for all the factions were good to go by the time I finally get round to my campaigns (I’ve got three to do).

My goal was also to have one of each platoon I’ve currently written rules for to take part in each relevant campaign, and then also one of each ‘support unit’ as I’m currently calling them: big monsters, tanks, ufos etc.

After searching forever for a decent UFO toy I just made my own out of spare bits and pieces.

I’ve also been adding more bugs, I’ve got two different spider factions, I’ve also added flies, ants and scorpions. Halloween is really helpful in amassing bugs for a planetary invasion.

I’ve most recently added an Allegiance of Gnossos Master Core platoon and a Solar Raider Platoon.

The Master Core all carry extra energy shields and their uniforms are based on the very first figures that appeared on this blog:

The Solar Raiders are a rag tag militia from the old Solar Empire so their uniforms are very rarely uniform:

You might have noticed the bug terrain in the background. Those are made from pumpkin teeth from Poundland, with added texture from a glue gun.

So hopefully I’ll be commencing soon, I’ve got the Allegiance of Gnossos, League of Zandor and Legion of Kharthion invading the planet Kannis. I’ve also got House Baronor and the Jendari Collective going for a global war on Jendar and once all that is resolved the bugs will be invading!

6 thoughts on “Deathzap Progress

  1. It looks fantastic, especially the teeth terrain!
    I have a question. Did you ever get the 50mm plastic marines that came in a tube? They came in two colours and included heavy gun

  2. I think they were in Target stores a couple of years ago. I think you could find them in Amazon or Ebay. I forget what they are called. You can see them painted on my FB Fantasy and SF Conversions and Wargames in 1/32 page. I could swap some to you for those new large figures you showcased.

  3. I’ve already divided what I’ve got left of the big lads into various projects but if I’m out that way again soon I’ll see if there’s any of them left to send your way. Those marines looked good, you paint job was really great! But I don’t need any thanks, I’m trying to avoid new projects at new scales now.

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