My Current Deathzap Collection

If you’re wondering about the odd set up of the room in which these pictures take place it’s because we’re currently moving our living room to what was a dining room.

So that’s all 267 little people (excluding vehicles, monsters and around 70 bugs that wouldn’t fit) I have currently painted for the latest version and of Deathzap (if you include Deathzap 1 and 2 there’s a heck of a lot more!). All of them pulled from the same bag of cheap army men bar the vehicles and monsters.

I’m not all that sure how to reflect on this apparent obsession. My goal once I had written the force lists was to produce one of each platoon and working pretty quickly using contrast paints from games workshop and now my one step basing process that has built up a pretty sizeable collection in not very much time at all.

My favourite is generally the Hegemony of Synthos, I’m not sure as to why the blue skin appeals so much, the Allegiance of Gnossos are growing on me too, the Master Core platoon especially:

I’ve got three more forces to build a Jendari Collective National Guard platoon, a Jendari Ranger platoon and a House Baronor Legion Conscript platoon. I would say then I’ll be done, but most likely not.

It’s just a lot of fun to build and paint things.

I guess I’m potentially reaching the limit of what can be achieved with the same poses and just a different kick of paint which is probably why conversions are starting to sneak their way in.

On the painting table right now are two generic snipers so they can fit into any force with their toilet paper camouflage cloaks, a Solar Raider Technical and some heavy infantry which have yet to be recruited to a specific force. I think they’ll be Solar Raiders though, based on their resemblance to my old Steel Skulls:

I’m still very excited to see where all this goes and I’d encourage you to start your own imagination universe. It’s far more rewarding than you would think!

11 thoughts on “My Current Deathzap Collection

  1. Love it. I like to see basically cheap ‘junk figures’ transformed this way. The snipers are wonderful.

  2. Great to see all the factions together in one place – one weird but wonderful parade.

    Clever tissue paper sniper figures, snow cloaks, adaptable to the ‘winter war’ scenarios. Jungles etc.

    I am looking at more conversions for these pound store penny dreadful figures. One challenge from a family member who bought me a new 100 bag of these figures, was to produce two sides of American Civil War figures, having put my current range of such figure conversions out in the table. Already cutting out floppy hat brim circles …

    There was a really nice conversion pictured in the official Prince August Facebook group of Holger Eriksonn HE home cast Prince August cowboy figures into Union and Confederate sides.

  3. Wow, so you can fit it all on one table? I don’t think you are trying hard enough! But seriously, that’s some impressive work. If I had to add one extra element to the game I think it would be leaders – powerful enough to affect game play in some balanced way, but not over-powerful.

    I’m looking forward to reading about the campaign, and to see how the rules work. After all that painting and modelling, there has to be some carnage…

  4. You’re very much talking my language with ACW! I’d love to do some ACW conversions but I have already got a drawer of Italeri figures so I should probably do those first.

  5. Thanks! I am very much thinking about the leaders at the moment. So far it’s as simple if they’re within 12” of a unit they can reroll a failed morale test, I suppose I’ll need to think about my command and control system to really make use of them.

  6. I have done some floppy hat Boers / Confederates already for colonial games, so it is really doing stereotype blue or grey versions including US Coloured Troops. Cut down, it might be possible to make kepis from the helmets.

    Cannon easy enough to find (30 – 40mm).

    Cavalry are the tricky ones. They will have to fight dismounted!

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