Finishing Projects I’ve already started…

I’m sure like me you’ve got a desk where the edges slowly creep in as you push things you’ve already started to the side so you can get going on something new. For me Deathzap has always been like that, a world of infinite possibilities tends to lead to too many ideas, and before I fully finish one a new one pops it’s way out of the sludge between my ears.

Tanks is one thing:

I suppose tanks are an odd one to have in sci-fi, at least I’ve always thought so. They’re fairly vulnerable in modern warfare let alone a few thousand years from now. But when you buy bags of discount shop army men you do tend to inadvertently build up a collection. My in universe justification is that since energy shields protect infantry from some rather deadly weapons then surely vehicle like tanks would make a little come back, since a vehicle could carry a better shield generator than a man. Plus they’d be easier to manufacture and maintain than your sci-fi mechs.

The image above was of a cheap tank ‘model’ that I had half completed, even started painting, but one thing had always bugged me and I hadn’t yet done anything about it:

The big open space underneath. But with some careful cutting and gluing of lollipop sticks I was able to achieve a fairly convincing underside:

And once painted I think the tank came out rather well:

Another thing that was taking up space on my desk was a heroes monument that I was hoping would make a good central objective for my forces to fight over. He’s just one of the larger figures glued to a stack of wooden blocks and different sized bases:

I made good use of citadel’s typhus corrosion to texture the column after priming but before painting to give a stone effect. The figure itself was simply painted bronze and then coated in citadel’s nihilakh oxide, which I let go a little tacky and then disturbed with a big wet brush to take it off of the high points, I think it gives a good effect:

The two knock-offs of the same German Airfix officer side by side.

I’d also had this ‘Spinosaur’ on the desk for a while with only his base to finish off, he’ll be joining the ranks of the Vandrakkar as some heavier close combat support.

As Dinosaurs go the Jendari Collective have always utilised them even from the earliest days of Deathzap:

So I thought it would be a good idea to add some again, and here they are three Dilophosaurus. These guys are of a more rubbery plastic which goes sticky after a while if you use a normal spray primer so it is important when you paint them to instead brush prime with a 50/50 mix of pva glue and paint.

I’ve also been adding the larger Poundland figures back into Deathzap in various guises. Here the best figure from that bunch is working as one of Mortan’s genetic experiments gone right an eight foot tall and purple skinned super soldier.

Finally, those rather odd plastic knights you see from time to time I’m thinking of using as Mechs for the League of Zandor or Legion of Kharthion. They have a different look to them and once you’ve replaced their lower arms with screw plugs they have a plup/retro sci-fi feel.

I think at some point it is probably worth me doing a rules based battle report so people get a better idea of how Deathzap plays rather than my usual narrative affair.

2 thoughts on “Finishing Projects I’ve already started…

  1. Your work , as usual, is inspiring. That is a clever use of wall screws! Another idea just occurred to me: animal headed human figures. I once read an SF story where genes had been spliced to create all sorts of variations, favorites being cat and tiger genes. In most cases the changes were not obvious and just added some behavioral, strength and agility traits physically but in others they were basically with humanoid bodies but animal heads.

  2. Ah the projects that sit on the painting table. Like the 15mm Indian elephant unit that must have been there for fifteen years 😦

    But some nice ideas there, I especially like what you did with the tank

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