Ectomites – The Cheapest Army Ever

Ectomites have inhabited my brain for a while. I suppose you could say they were low rent Shoggoth rip offs, they’re back story is almost entirely similar. However when I first imagined them when I was about 12 years old, around the turn of the century, I had never heard of or knew anything about Shoggoths or even Lovecraft. Regardless, whether you want Shoggoths or Ectomites you can use the following steps.

Step 1 is to find some bad polystyrene, the kind with really big and bobbly cells, the sort that you think about keeping for that terrain project that you never get around to. Rip it up into random chunks and glue those chunks to bases. I used Universal Adhesive, but hot glue would have been better,

Step 2 is to cover those chunks in a thick coat of a 50/50 mix of paint and Mod Podge. Mod Podge is like PVA but fancy. I’d recommend it in this case over PVA as it is much tougher in the long run. Once dry give the chunks another coat, and then a third.

Step 3 prime them. I went with white but that’s entirely because I wanted to use contrast paints.

Step 4 is to paint them, however you want. I went with a sort of human flesh scheme with eyes everywhere because I found it pretty unsettling.

After varnishing here’s what I had:

I think it would be worth doing another batch with added tentacles and maybe some offensive toothpick spikes.

What varieties of space blob can you imagine?

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