So what did I do in 2021?

One of the weird things about having a hobby blog is being able to look back over the year and see pretty much exactly what I’ve been up to in the year just gone.


I started the year with my 0 player duelling project. It was a fun distraction and got me revamping old and mistreated minis, plus buying a load more which is always good. It’s something I’ll definitely have to revisit at some point.

I then had a brief play around with some minifigs:

Looking back I think these figures were some of my favourites out of the whole year. They were just so much fun to paint. I need to find a rule set, or draw one up so I can get some games in with these guys. I have the classic Laserburn rulebook, and that seems a nice era appropriate set to use.

I still haven’t gotten a game in of Horrified yet, which there really is no excuse for, but I did paint all of the figures:

I then started hunting for a decent fantasy ruleset for big-ish skirmishes, but only playtested one Fantasy Warlord which wasn’t great. I did some play testing for Darkfell my skirmish/rpg-lite fantasy horror game thing:

Then to finish up January I built a Tau-Slann army:

All in all January was a productive month. If a little scatty.


I built and painted two 6mm Scifi armies for some reason:

The rest of the month was spent trying out various ideas for my Neo-Arcane project, an attempt to play a game with all the old Grenadier models you see readily available:


The start of March was also taken up with Neo-Arcane, but March was also the month I built my extremely useful rock terrain, now seen in pretty much every battle:

I really should build more of that stuff!

I also Zombified goofy:


Early April I embarked on a mission to speed paint a bunch of GW stuff that wasn’t getting any love:

This was an important little project that would be unbelievably helpful in getting my Chaos Marines done later in the year.

This month I also had a brief obsessions with the Russian Company Tehnolog and their game Bronepehota:

Translating their basic rules into English was actually a lot of fun, and really a testament to how privileged we are to have tools like Google Translate at our disposal.

April also saw the return of Deathzap to the blog:


May saw the first version of Deathzap 3 land on the blog, I think I’m now on the 8th or 9th iteration of Deathzap 3… I’m not entirely sure what would constitute a Deathzap 4, it’s all very hazy, replace the shaft of the axe, and then later the blade, is it still the same axe? At this point though I made a commitment to keep all previous versions of the rules on this blog, Deathzap 1 is still up in the menu to view. This is because the rules express different aspects of the world I’ve created, no-one rule set is the right one, and none are a true reflection of that fictional reality.

The difference with this version of Deathzap since the rules allowed for a greater differentiation between forces and units was that it saw the world and factions expand more than they ever had before.

A good example of that was the mapping of the planets Jendar and Ashnyr and their full histories being written:

May was also the month I lost my mind and bought a huge number of Chaos Space Marines:

Then towards the end of that same month I got into Wasteman:

May must have been the most expensive month out of the year!


I started off in June by converting some very old Chaos Warrior models into Chosen for my 40k Chaos Marine army, after the minifigs, these were my other favourites of the year:

June was also the month of monochrome miniatures and the start of my universal skirmish game:

This is definitely a project I’ll return to in 2022, it was just too much fun, and really helped me pass the time while in isolation. I really love the look of the figures, and it’s just about the fastest I’ve ever painted some.

I ended the month with a Steam Punk Colonial British army… for some reason… I feel like I say ‘for some reason’ quite a lot on here:


July saw the culmination of everything I’d been working on with my monochrome minis and my universal skirmish rules:

Eight factions all painted up and ready to go, each as far as I remember with a decently unique play style despite the generic rules.

July was also the month of Elemental Knights and Bog Roll Wraiths:


August was the month North and South Cameria finally went to war on the table top:

The outcome of which will have a huge impact on the Deathzap universe. I never posted the battle report itself, needless to say the Northerners won, and hence tipped the balance of the planet of Jendar in the favour of the Jendari Collective. There’s a fairly huge campaign brewing in the back of my mind and a full scale global war is now inevitable.

I also painted up one of those absolutely terrible action figures you see in discount shops as a member of the Davian Supremacy (the most feared Solar Raider faction):


In September I jumped into the world of home made acrylic gaming mats:

The mat I made did well enough, and still looks as good as when I first made it. The only draw back was how specific I made the mat, I really need to put together a more open and generic one, maybe with a crossroad in the centre and nothing much else.

In preparation for many games of Deathzap 3 I added a lot more terrain in the correct scale to my collection:

The Qydran Enclave were also added to the roster of Deathzap factions in September:

I also re-imagined the Vel, and added the Fleshfreak to my Exiled Tribes army:


Early October saw a huge expansion in my forces for Deathzap:

I put my full collection on display and its almost doubled since then too. You know when you buy figures in bags of 700 and you have to buy more because you run out, you’ve probably painted a fair few.

I finished up the month with a scrap packaging fortress:


Early November I was briefly distracted by 10 and 6mm irregular figures:

I then got back to playing Deathzap, which I have since played a lot, and added a lot of non-infantry units.

I also turned polystyrene into Shoggoths:

Late November I developed a new faction for Deathzap called ‘The Void’. They’re basically ghosts, ghosts that bleed a ‘tar-like’ substance when you shoot them. The plan is for them to be a major antagonist and pretty huge existential threat to humanity:


Earlier this month I added a picture of another new faction for Deathzap ‘The Skivs’ (I’m thinking of a better name), currently only seen here in this picture of a masking tape conversion:

And in my last post I brought back Deathshot, which is black powder Deathzap. It’s still a lot of fun to play, so I’m looking forward to getting some games in over Christmas along with planning a huge Deathzap campaign.

I’m currently painting up some more forces for Deathshot, so I can have slightly larger skirmishes of around 30 figures a side.

It’s kind of scary looking back how much I’ve done over the last 12 months, but its also exciting to think how much more there will be at the end of 2022. Last year I kept track of how many figures I had painted, this year I didn’t bother, but I think it might be safe to say I’m pushing around 1500. It’s important to point out that half of what I’ve done in the last year also didn’t even make it to this blog, you can see hints of those things in the background of a few images, mostly the in progress stuff on my desk, things I had entirely forgotten about like a bunch of 20mm football hooligans from Irregular Miniatures.

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