A scary idea for 2022

In 2020 I decided to keep tally of how many figures I had bought and subsequently painted all in the hopes that I’d paint more than I had bought, turns out I managed it and painted over 1200 figures.

In 2021 I just kept a simple diary of blog posts and then recapped the year in one bumper post all in the interest of seeing how my interests and projects shifted throughout the year. It was rather funny in the recap realising how many projects I had completely forgotten about!

In 2022 I have a scary idea. What if this time round I tallied every penny spent on wargaming?

So some ground rules. Everything spent counts – miniatures, rulebooks, paints and tools. While I’m keeping that whole total I’m also going to keep a second total of the value of figures painted – the goal being to paint more in value than I’m spending – to work through that backlog.

The wife has also decided to keep a tally of her Disney spending alongside me, so it’ll be interesting and probably a little scary to see what those final totals are. I’m expecting around £1500 for my wargaming habit. No idea what the wife spends on Disney merchandise.

5 thoughts on “A scary idea for 2022

  1. That’s a great idea. I did start doing it on paper, but thought it best to destroy the evidence…although it’ll be easier for you with your wife doing something similar.

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