Fences, a Detention Block and a Conlang

I needed terrain to play the follow on scenario from my last battle report, namely a prison of some description and suitable fences.

The detention block was easy enough to build, it’s just an old box I had lying around that I super glued a bunch of spare bases too and then painted:

It was a lot of stippling, washes and drybrushing. I really like some of the textures I managed to get:

A prison means fences, and with my tremor it is almost impossible to actually build fences – fiddly stuff and tiny contact points plus superglue do not mix well with an essential tremor. So I tried painting up some of those barbed wire things you get in bags of army men:

They’re a bit oversized for the figures I’m using but they certainly look evocative enough at gaming distance.

The other thing I really wanted to include was a road sign. There the sort of thing you don’t often see on a gaming table but they’re everywhere in real life.

The problem with a road sign is that it means words. The problem with words is that they are normally part of a language. The problem with languages is that they change a lot over time and Deathzap takes place around 6500 AD.

While in the stories I have written people speak English, I’m making the assumption that in reality they’re not actually speaking English. Having said that I’m not into producing a full conlang (maybe one day), as that is a hobby in and of itself that would surely take years to manage.

So I decided to produce a cipher much like Aurebesh from Star Wars. Meaning that the language will be essentially English, but it will use different letters so it will still have an alien but consistent look. Here’s what I scribbled on a scrap piece of paper, the first iteration of Jendari:

The vowels aren’t proper letters they are similar to accents in French and sit between the consonants going from top to bottom when you have more that one in a row.

I need to draw up some symbols for single vowels that are words like I or A I think, so things don’t get too confusing.

4 thoughts on “Fences, a Detention Block and a Conlang

  1. It looks suitably grungy and unloved! The Rawlplug fence posts are an excellent idea. Not a place that I would like to find myself “banged up in”, with or without an explosive prison collar. 😦

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