Evil Astrorangers vs The Skelebots – A Simple Toy Soldier Battle Report

Since everyone’s angry with Games Workshop and many have complaints about the rules getting even more bloated and complicated, why not play something simple just for fun?

The Evil Astrorangers will all activate with D10s and roll D10s in melee combat, I’ll allow the champion to add 1 to his melee rolls too since he’s got a scary axe, also the guy with the big gun will get two shots for each pip spent on shooting.

The Skelebots will all roll D8s for activations, and melee. The Eternal Skelebot will get two shots for each pip spent on shooting too. When a Skelebot dies they won’t be removed and can still be activated. However when they are I’ll roll a D12 and on a roll of 12 they’ll get back up, and can be used normally on their next activation. I’m calling it the ‘We’ll Be Back’ rule.

The objective of both forces is to have the most figures within 6” of the evil shrine at the end of turn 12.

For a full explanation of the Simple Toy Soldier Rules go here:


Although rather than doing card activations I’ll be doing simple alternate ones because I’m lazy. Oh, also I’m rolling off at the start of each turn to determine which side gets the first activation.

Turn 1 went by suitably quickly, everyone move up, there was a little shooting but nothing that had any effect.

Turn 2 opened with the Astroranger with the big gun rolling a 10 and splitting his fire between a regular Skelebot and the Eternal, he rolled really well for the shots too:

With soft cover meaning he needed to score 4+s to put fire on his targets he still managed 7 on one and 6 on the other!

The Skelebots responded after much deliberation by activating the Eternal, who thankfully rolled a 7. I cancelled all his fire markers and then managed two shots back on the Astroranger with the big gun scoring a single fire marker.

An Astroranger then claimed the shrine!

I then opted to activate the other Skelebot that took fire, he rolled a 2 to activate which wasn’t great, meaning he required 5 saves, he managed 4, the last die failing him.

The Champion activated next and move forwards firing his heat pistol twice at another Skelebot putting two fire markers on him.

Not wanting the Skelebots to be trapped in a responsive game rather than an active one I had a different bot return fire on the champion scoring two fire markers.

The final Astroranger moved out nearer to the shrine.

The Skelebot with two fire markers went next and rolled a 4. He cancelled his two markers and with some good shooting immediately put two on the evil champion taking him up to 4.

The final Skelebot rolled an 8, moved up 6” to be near the Eternal and his fallen comrade and then also shot at the champion but scored nothing.

Turn three began with the Skelebot Eternal opening fire on the Astroranger Chapion. He scored 5 hits, taking the champ up to 9 fire markers!

The champion had to go next before he acquired any more fire! He rolled a 4, and so still had 5 saves to make, he failed 1 and went down. Unfortunately he doesn’t get to come back, so went on to the shelf of shame.

Then a Skelebot shuffled forwards and fired at the Astroranger with the big gun, and scored a single hit taking him up to two fire markers.

The the big gun wielding Ranger activated, but only managed to roll a 2, cancelling both his markers but accomplishing nothing else. The Skelebots had managed enough suppressive fire to silence him for a turn!

A Skelebot then snuck around the side of the detention block attempting a flanking manoeuvre. He’s in the top right corner of the image below:

Then the Astroranger by the shrine opened up on the Eternal and scored 4 fire markers.

A Skelebot fired at that same ranger scoring 1 marker.

Then the last Astroranger shot at the flanking Skelebot and scored a massive 6 fire markers!

Finally the last Skelebot attempted to get back up but failed.

Turn 4, Skelebots get the first activation, I went for the Eternal knowing full well that meant the flanking bot would take more fire and most likely go down. The Eternal rolled an 8, cancelled his four markers and then fired at the big gun ranger putting five markers on him.

The big gun ranger went next, he rolled a 5 and survived but again did nothing else, the Skelebots are really doing a good job at keeping his head down.

Then the flanking Skelebot went and amazingly rolled an 8, cancelled all of his markers and still managed to put one on the ranger that had almost killed him.

The Astroranger by the shrine got going next, rolled an 8, cancelled the one marker on him and put 6 on the bot next to the Eternal.

A Skelebot then advanced on the shrine.

The final Astroranger activated and rolled a 1, seems he was keeping his head down too.

The last standing Skelebot rolled a 7, cancelled all 6 markers on him but did nothing else, and then the down bot failed to get back up.

Turn 5 and the Eternal went first, activated with a roll of 8 and put 9 fire markers on the Astroranger with the big gun!

The big gun ranger went next as he still had a 1 in 5 chance of not making any saves. Unfortunately he rolled a 6 and then failed all 3 saves! He went to the shelf of shame.

The rest of the turn was mostly ineffective shooting, however at the end something great happened:

He came back!

Turn 6 came and went with me rolling high for activations but incredibly poorly for shots so nothing happened.

Turn 7 and I wanted to break the stalemate that had developed, so after some ineffective fire from the Eternal the Evil Astroranger by the shrine charged the Skelebot nearby and killed him in melee.

After the flanking Skelebot was equally ineffective the second ranger returned fire for six markers.

But then the risen bot found a good position with an open line of sight and then a second did the same leaving the poor Astroranger on 7 fire markers.

The recently downed bot did not get back up.

Turn 8 began with the Skelebots and of course they kept pouring fire into the exposed Astroranger taking him up to 14 markers.

Thinking it was game over for him I tried a daring charge with the other ranger, but his luck didn’t fare so well either.

The Etetnal was tougher than he had anticipated.

Another Skelebot activated and added more fire to the last Astroranger.

Then to end, the final ranger activated with 17 fire markers. He rolled a 1 for his activation and failed the first save.

It was a fun and short game, and the Evil Astrorangers despite losing fared better here than they have in any other game I’ve played. I think the sweet spot for the Simple Toy Soldier game may actually be a few more figures, I’ll have to try it with full squads next time round.

3 thoughts on “Evil Astrorangers vs The Skelebots – A Simple Toy Soldier Battle Report

  1. I have played 40k under 8th edition (I think) but cannot be bothered to get trapped into the treadmill of constant upgrades, new codices etc. But I use the figures under my other SF rule sets 🙂

  2. Reminded me of some old Stuart Asquith rules that I started playing the Zulu War conflicts under. Unfortunately this edition of 40k is so focused on competitive players, they seem to forget the vast majority of games are casual (albeit ‘matched play’). I’m sure lots of people get a kick out of the deck building interactions and list construction, sometimes it’s nice to just line up and make pew-pew noises.

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