Rescue the Boss – A Simple Toy Soldier and Deathzap Battle Report (Sort of)

So analysis paralysis made me hold off on playing out this scenario for a while. I want something that plays well and is exciting, but I’m frankly lacking in experience when it comes to designing wargaming scenarios, but the table and terrain was sat waiting for a game so I just went for it. It sort of worked.

You can find the previous battle here:

The defenders of the prison block – three guards all activating on D6s and using D6s in melee, two Prosecution Directive Agents scarily with D12/ D10, five Sectorians D8/ D8 and finally a Sniper D10/ D10. The Sectorian with the Destroyer will get the ‘big gun’ rule so for each pip spent on shooting he can roll two dice and the Sniper will count anyone in cover as being in the open.

The attackers consist of three groups of bandits D6/ D6, each with six bandits, one carrying a destroyer.

The bandits will be appearing in their squads at randomly rolled for points on the edges of the battlefield. One squad deployed at 1 o’clock, another at 3 and the third at 6 o’clock on the road directly to the prison.

All the bandits need to do is have a single figure in base to base contact with the door for a full turn to spring the bandit boss and then escort him off of the table to win.

As an added twist at the end of each turn I’ll roll a D12 and if I roll equal to or under the preceding turn number then a Vandrakkar will appear D12/ D12 (but they can’t shoot). They’ll move towards the closest figure when they activate and melee attack them. They’ll activate first in each turn.

Turn one opened with the Bandits. I thought it made the most sense to have the Bandits on the road to make the first move, they fired their Destroyer to begin the assault. The ensuing fire fight played out so quickly (this is the Simple Toy Soldier Game after all) it would have required it’s own blog post to fully explain. Needless to say all hell broke loose and two Bandits fell, although funnily enough not on the road. The Bandits moving in from 1 o’clock took fire from both the Sniper and a Prosecution Directive Agent and that proved effective enough.

Turn two saw the Bandits in the north pinned and making little progress meaning the Bandits to the south were bearing the brunt of Gnossian fire power and also making little to no progress, three more are killed. However the Bandits to the west faired a little better:

With the detention block obscuring both sides view of each other they were able to get up nice and close.

However at the end of turn two a Vandrakkar appeared at 4 o’clock, making the Bandits in the west his closest target. Things just aren’t going their way.

By the end of turn four I had called it for the defenders, the Bandit attack from the north had entirely crumbled and the south was faring little better. Although the Bandits in the west had seen off the Vandrakkar the time spent had stalled their advance.

With the defenders having only suffered a single casualty at this point and the attackers eight I started wondering why they were continuing to fight and how much they really liked their captive boss? Maybe they’ll return after gathering more forces, probably not. Whose to say the Prosecution Directive haven’t already executed him?

It was nice to see how well the Simple Toy Soldier game held up with larger forces and how quick it continues to be to play. I’m thinking about trying a beach landing scenario, I think it could do a really great job.

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