The Mid-January Productivity Update

So as promised, I think bi-monthly I’ll be letting you know what I’ve painted, and what I’ve bought.

As of January 15th I’ve painted…

For 40k – 30 Kabalite Warriors, 5 Scourges and an Archon for my 3rd edition Dark Eldar army. I was particularly happy with the Archon.

For Void – the contents of the Syntha starter force. That’s 6 tactical androsynths, 6 assault androsynths, a hunter killer grav bike and Dr Omega. I went for simple solid paint jobs.

For Flintloque I painted eight Licantzrop Jaegers, they’re great characterful minis and take contrast paints really well. They’ve currently got a heavy coat of gloss which I’ll matt down when I find a varnish I can trust not to go cloudy.

For Deathzap I painted twelve Jendari Rangers. I was hoping to do more, a lot more but realised I had run out of tiddlywink bases.

Purchases so far:

A can of black spray paint £1.99.

A can of gloss varnish £4.99.

A pot of Agrax Earthshade £4.75.

A Talos Pain Engine (for the Dark Eldar) £32.50.

300 Tiddlywinks £8.17.

That’s £52.40 in total. Feels a bit steep, although puts me on track for roughly £100 a month and £1200 a year so less that I thought for the whole year, we’ll see.

As far as painted figures goes:

The Syntha Starter set is £40.

The Dark Eldar stuff is worth £97.50.

The Licantzrop Jaegers are £22.

I’m struggling to quantify the value of the Deathzap figures which to buy are less than a penny each, and I certainly don’t want to discourage myself from painting them so I’m counting each figure as 30p. So the Rangers are £3.60.

That’s £163.10 painted which is kind of nuts. Meaning I’m ahead £110.70. A good start to the year!

One thought on “The Mid-January Productivity Update

  1. I base my army men figures of 2p pieces, so immediately triple their value.
    But as a mate said, then I go an paint them which devalues them again 🙂

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