Some Most Irregular Warbands

I’ve been itching for a number of reasons, (the main one I’ll talk about later) the other reason is to do with my Universal Skirmish rules. I keep rewriting them, writing entirely new skirmish rule sets and trying out all sorts of odd mechanics, but I haven’t got anything solid enough yet for a good post. So instead I thought I’d just talk about the warbands I’ve been using.

I’m not quite sure why I have an obsession with Irregular Miniatures, I just do it seems.

Anyway, here’s my Dragon Temple warband:

It consists entirely of 28mm miniatures (yes I’ve mixed scales elsewhere). The Dragon from their Fantasy range, Tigermen from their Colonial range, my ‘Dragonlord’ is from their Imperial Chinese range. The two guys on fire I’m calling ‘Fire Adepts’ come are the ‘Torch’ figure from their Superheroes range and my regular Adepts are from the Scenics and Accessories range listed as ‘Three men running in trousers and bare torso’, although one of mine is standing because I’ve had two packs, not sure where the other two standing or the third running guy ended up though.

You’ve seen my Raymen before from their 28mm Sci-fi range, but this time I’ve added two Raydogs which are just listed as ‘Space Alien’ and come from their 15mm Sci-fi range. I’ve also got three Alien Reconnaissance Mercenaries on my painting desk also from their 15mm range to use as scouts for the Raymen.

My latest representation of The Family consists of a 42mm Nude Female Standing as ‘The Matriarch’, a Skinner Creature from their 28mm Fantasy range and then a mix of Fantasy Zombies and Bug Hunt Zombies. The bulkier Bug Hunt Zombies are my favourites mainly because they have open hands so you could equip them with anything from the accessories range. I’ve unimaginatively given mine axes. They also sell various weapons in their Moderns range so I could equip more zombies with for some very ineffective but always potentially deadly support fire. It’s also a good idea to check out their 42mm Deutsche Homage range that includes some retro sci-fi guns.

You’ve also seen my Elves before, they’re unimaginatively Elves. Any ideas on what I could add to these guys would be much appreciated! I’ve had a lot of Ents in various scales from Irregular before I could combine that faction with these guys, but that would also be a little unimaginative.

Finally I’ve got some 54mm Orcs, I think if you buy a 28mm Ogre you also get one of these, but if you go for the 54mm Orcs you do get to specify what they are armed with.

There are also Leopard print robots on my painting desk:

They just need a bit more punch before they see battle I think.

I’ve made a bit of a hobby out of scrolling through Irregular’s website and dreaming up factions. I really want to revisit The Bobbies from my monochrome miniature days:

And the Clockwork Empire:

Add in a few more things and get them painted up in a more traditional style.

One thought on “Some Most Irregular Warbands

  1. I feel that Irregular are too often overlooked. The range is so big that there are few limits to your imagination 🙂

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