Italeri Warsaw Pact Troops

A box arrived today from Wonderland Models for a project I was working on many moons ago, back then in ye olde times (a couple of months ago), I was working on a modern/ Vietnam project, and so I ordered some Warsaw Pact troops and US Special Forces. Little did I know that the Warsaw […]

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Ghost Legions

Let’s categorise this under ‘bizarre’. So every once in a while I find myself picking up a box of 1/72 plastic figures, Airfix, Italeri, Hat, the usual culprits, and I seem to have amassed a rather large collection over the years. This probably stems from an unhealthy obsession as a child for our little plastic […]

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Super Simple Heroes

Projects abound of late, and with Armies on Parade but one week away surely I’d be painting my Slaves To Darkness? Apparently not. An impulse buy from Amazon, 20 DC heroes for £17 (with a couple of repeat appearances, two Batmen, two Supermen, two Wonder Women). I set about crafting rules even though Knight Models […]

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Discount Burma Bunker Busting

Emerging from the hobby sofa are some discount Chinese Nationalists. These Matchbox Afrikacorps copies… made in China now somewhat ironically masquerading as the German equipped Chinese Nationalists in Burma. I decided to face them off against the Japanese from the previous post with some fastplay WW2 skirmish rules I cooked up. I set the Japanese […]

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Expensive Paints on Cheap Figures

Citadel’s Contrast range of paints were touted as a miracle product upon release. People soon realised they were better at some things than others, and now for many painters I know the old pots of standard acrylic are out, and the contrast range is used as support to gain certain effects rather than the paint […]

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Instant WW2 Developments

Those poor American Airfix Marines seemed to be lacking a bit of Anti-Infantry punch when facing the Germans despite their victory. This is down to the fact that while the German’s are festooned with machine guns, the Americans are only carrying two, their other two heavy weapons are Bazookas so until I include tanks in […]

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Instant WW2

I fancied a tinker with Donald Featherstone’s Close Little Wars with my WW2 Airfix figures, but alas I had no suitable scenery… so with a couple of cans of spray paint, some newspaper, sticky tape and wooden building blocks I churned out the following: A nice crossroads to do bloody battle on! The sides were […]

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Warpstar Nemesis

A package arrive from Irregular two days ago. Excitedly I pulled the newspaper packaging apart and spied my new forces, ready to relive one of the first rulesets I ever wrote ‘Warpstar Nemesis’. Two armies face eachother across a barren wasteland… who will claim ownership of the wooden block factories? Army Blue (top left) or […]

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One of the multitude of projects I’m currently dividing my hobby time between is Killteam. Not on the cheap side at least for the initial outlay since I picked up the starter set, but it is good value for money (at least for a Games Workshop product). The set comes with two Killteams: 5 Space […]

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Dapol Gangs

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, well not very long in a blogging sense, some go dead for months between posts, but it’s certainly been longer than I would have liked. I’ve been floundering somewhat, butterflying from project to project and not making a huge amount of headway. I’ve been chipping away at the […]

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Oathmark Goblins

A bit of an impulse buy here, but I was in a local model shop and spotted these: 30 Goblins for £20, not bad at all. They are part of the Oathmark range put out by Osprey and Northstar for their upcoming mass battle game. In the box you get 6 of the sprue above […]

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More Irregular Fantasy Bashing

Here’s where my latest bedroom floor game ended, with the Dwarves wiping the Elves out. I played with much smaller warbands this time of five figures each and both coming in at 100 points. 100 points seems to be the ‘sweet spot’. The Elves had: Two Wyches, a Warlock, a Warlord and a Wasp (I […]

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Nighthaunt and Warcry

On the more expensive front, I’ve been prepping for Warcry the new Skirmish wargame from Games Workshop (who soon may only be referred to as Warhammer). You can buy in big by getting the big boxed set at £100 or if you already have some GW Miniatures you might have the figures you need already […]

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An Irregular Fantasy Bash

I’ve recently been painting some Irregular Miniatures 28mm Fantasy figures for some skirmish gaming. For you today I have two warbands, first up are the Dark Elves: Second up are my Dwarves: I played a brief game tonight with some quickly hashed out rules that probably deserve a post in their own right, the goal […]

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Sasquatches and Shardmen

In the interest of being a tad more outlandish with my fantasy armies in 2mm I put together two forces of lesser known or maybe unknown fantasy archetypes and had a little game because you can paint a 2mm army as anything you want, so why stick to the norm? My first outlandish army were […]

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Creation of a 2mm Battlefield

I’ve never had a scenic board before, although I have been very envious of all the YouTubers and bloggers online that have fantastic gaming setups. But I thought I do have the space and all the stuff to produce a board for my 2mm fantasy armies, so excitedly I set to work! I started out […]

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