Easy Foam Tile Terrain

Terrain building a what really got me into the wargaming hobby many moons ago, and after a short hiatus to play video games as a teenager terrain was what brought be back in my early 20s. Terrain can be frustrating though. Shop bought items can be rather pricey and home made stuff can be just […]

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Asgard Mandiblax and Space Marines

So I’ve finished my little 15mm fellas from Asgard (now from Alternative Armies) originally for Combat 3000 which as I stated in my previous post I probably wont be using them for. Combat 3000 is a very complex and complicated system which is why it was originally for generic sci fi RPGs and not for platoon […]

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Self Indulgent and Gratuitous Maths

I’d consider myself a bit of a maths geek (yes that’s maths not math America) and it’s one of the aspects of wargaming that I love the most. The statistical analysis of your different tactical options, or Math-hammer (should be Maths-hammer… or Math-hammers?) as it’s commonly known because of you guessed it Warhammer just really […]

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Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones

I’ve always wanted an Undead army and although I’ve often bought and even painted the odd unit, I’ve never managed a full force. Until now… I’ve been somewhat gripped by my 15mm Fantasy project and rules, and couldn’t resist dipping in to Irregular Miniature’s Undead range. Plus since I was going for a more ghostly […]

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40 Elves and a Ballista

In my previous Dark Dwarves post I mentioned some Elves. I’ve now finally finished them! That’s a unit of eight archers, 10 spearmen, 10 swordsmen, 10 two handed sword/axemen and a ballista with two crew. I did the old trick of painting details on the minis with different colours but selecting from a small palette to […]

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49 Dark Dwarves

In the interest of getting things painted before buying more, here’s 49 Irregular Miniatures 15mm Dark Dwarves, 24 Halberdiers, 20 Crossbows and 5 Heroes. As you can see below some are mostly painted already however I didn’t really like the scheme I had come up with so I chose to throw them in with the […]

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Tiny Wars – Fantasy Skirmish

Here’s a little side project I worked on while thinking long and hard about the rules for Deathzap. One of the issues during lockdown is finding the space to play bigger games, especially while sharing the house with the parents in law, I’m currently hashing out Deathzap on a 2×2 but it could really use […]

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A smattering of projects…

So the Mrs and I after off to Disney World in Florida as of Saturday. I’ll be missing my usual hobby fix, but thought I’d post up what’s currently on the painting table. Firstly I picked up this set a long time ago and only just got round to finishing painting them – the Erin […]

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15mm Sci Fi Rules Ideas

Here’s a little bit of fun I think has legs! While I don’t have much if any suitable terrain for 15mm figures a stripped down Darkfell board will suffice for some play testing. Here’s a little look at my current thinking on how a sci-fi, or other game could be played. Each unit has a […]

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