The Forest vs The Bobbies

Our forces are as follows: The Bobbies: 1 Inspector – Gunslinger, 15 Might 1 Detective – Gunner, 15 Might 1 Headsman – Berserker, 15 Might 1 Sarge – Soldier, 15 Might 2 Bobbies with Rifles – Soldier, 10 Might 2 Bobbies – Warrior, 10 Might The Forest – 1 Witan – Monster, 32 Might 4 […]

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Kay – Story Battle Report

The war ground on, unrelenting, unforgiving. Oltra a once promising mining colony was now nothing more than a burned out husk, an industrial corpse. SynJen were on the verge of pulling out of Oltra all together, and giving up entirely on Kannis as more and more soldiers of House Baronor and the Jendari Collective were […]

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Different Kinds of Chrome

As mentioned in my previous post, I had some more figures coming my way from Irregular, figures which were going to be painted up in different kinds of monochrome. The first were my ‘Metal Men’, which included a Battle Robot from their 15mm sci-fi range I’ve dubbed Killborg and a Battle Robot from their 28mm […]

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Growing Neo-Arcane

I’ve been busy this week planning and painting my forces for Neo-Arcane and I think I’ve also come up with a fairly innovative points and activation system. First up I’ve added there Ghosts to my undead force I’ve now named the ‘Necrypt’. The corporation I’m now just calling ‘Core’ has gained a Sniper, Cyborg and […]

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Playtesting Darkfell

As mentioned in a previous version post I’ve been playing a lot of Darkfell and rather enjoying it. The basic rules are still the same as seen here. Although now I’ve added 15 separate character classes, 5 Magic Users, 5 Ranged Weapon Specialists and 5 Melee Specialists, each with 10 different traits that your character […]

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A Ramble on Rules and Deathzap

I took the opportunity this morning after waking up rather early to play the next game in my Deathzap campaign on Oltra the moon of the planet Kannis. Since the game didn’t include the Legion of Kharthion I figured it would be a good opportunity to iron out and tweak parts of the rules that […]

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Rust, Dirt and Blood

Private Josef Steiner. Legion of Kharthion. No. 332143246. Rust, dirt and blood. The sky above was dark and oppressive. I’d checked and rechecked my Repeater, the mag was full. I knew it was full, but I also knew in a few minutes I’d check it again. I was shaking. It was strange. I was used […]

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A while back I wondered what a Donald Featherstone Mech Combat ruleset would look like. I give you Mechstorm. The smaller Mechs are painted and based pieces from Risk 2210AD, the larger mechs and flyers are from EM4 (you probably already recognised them). For the rules the smallest of the Risk Mechs I named ‘Pups’, […]

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Merry Boxing Day! He’s is the report for a small game I played out this morning for some homebrew rules I’m calling ‘Darkfell’, I wanted something quick and simple that gave me that Mordheim feel. I used the ‘Markup’ function on my phone to put the text on to the pictures as I played, so […]

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Ghost Legions

Let’s categorise this under ‘bizarre’. So every once in a while I find myself picking up a box of 1/72 plastic figures, Airfix, Italeri, Hat, the usual culprits, and I seem to have amassed a rather large collection over the years. This probably stems from an unhealthy obsession as a child for our little plastic […]

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Super Simple Heroes

Projects abound of late, and with Armies on Parade but one week away surely I’d be painting my Slaves To Darkness? Apparently not. An impulse buy from Amazon, 20 DC heroes for £17 (with a couple of repeat appearances, two Batmen, two Supermen, two Wonder Women). I set about crafting rules even though Knight Models […]

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