North and South Cameria go to War!

Thinking I’d make use of the some of the figures seen in my last post I’ve embarked on a long intended project within the Deathzap universe, that being the Camerian Civil War. I’ve started by painting two simple skirmish forces of North and South Camerians using the old Airfix Afrika Korps and 8th Army. First […]

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Painting a Fiend of Slaanesh

So I’ve been experimenting lately with acrylic inks, mine are from Daler Rowney. I’m aware people definitely don’t use them in the way I have, however I’ve found a little method that works for me. I’m a big fan of Games Workshop’s Contrast paints and as someone who prefers to paint quickly how could I […]

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Expensive Paints on Cheap Figures

Citadel’s Contrast range of paints were touted as a miracle product upon release. People soon realised they were better at some things than others, and now for many painters I know the old pots of standard acrylic are out, and the contrast range is used as support to gain certain effects rather than the paint […]

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One of the multitude of projects I’m currently dividing my hobby time between is Killteam. Not on the cheap side at least for the initial outlay since I picked up the starter set, but it is good value for money (at least for a Games Workshop product). The set comes with two Killteams: 5 Space […]

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