Getting Stranger

That strange creativity flow hasn’t yet slowed down it seems as over the last week I’ve been adding even more odd creations to my collection. Starting with some town guards, they were your garden variety plastic knight figures in rough 54mm scale, with head replacements and added cocktail sticks. One guys weapon was replaced with […]

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Some Most Irregular Warbands

I’ve been itching for a number of reasons, (the main one I’ll talk about later) the other reason is to do with my Universal Skirmish rules. I keep rewriting them, writing entirely new skirmish rule sets and trying out all sorts of odd mechanics, but I haven’t got anything solid enough yet for a good […]

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My Current Deathzap Collection

If you’re wondering about the odd set up of the room in which these pictures take place it’s because we’re currently moving our living room to what was a dining room. So that’s all 267 little people (excluding vehicles, monsters and around 70 bugs that wouldn’t fit) I have currently painted for the latest version […]

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Polishing a Turd

A long time ago after being inspired by the Man of Tin blog I grabbed my first tub of Poundland Army Men and painted some of them up as an unknown sci fi force: Later on I dubbed them the Allegiance of Gnossos and Deathzap was born. What this little project did though was make […]

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Bog Roll Wraiths

I think I found an opponent for my Elemental Knights, although I don’t think I’ll call them Bog Roll Wraiths. Loo Paper Lichs perhaps? The figures I used were the standard low quality plastic knights you find littering discount shops. The quality of the figures is significantly lower than the other cheap knights that I […]

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Rawl Plug Ancients

Something on the stranger end of the spectrum here, but something I think has legs. This week I’ve been turning those Rawl Plugs you see in various shapes, colours and sizes into something you can game with. As they do come in a number of shapes and sizes the particular one I’ve been using is […]

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Froggy The Chaos Predator

I began as just a man, a man with a dream, a dream to combine a plastic frog skeleton from the Halloween section of a Super Market with an old and dusty Chaos Rhino to make a Chaos Predator. I went through several iterations of combining the frog with the tank and landed on what […]

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Weirwood Crones

Here’s my latest unit all ready to go! The Weirwood Crones (Sisters of The Thorn) add some speed and magic to my growing force. I’m also continually aware that this blog is supposed to be about cheap gaming, but the majority of units in the force have been salvaged from the bits box and the […]

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Slaves To Darkness Part 5

Haven’t posted in these guys in a while, but my Chaos army for Age of Sigmar is really taking shape so here’s some beauty shots: The Mrs and I are off to Disneyland Paris for a few days this coming week, so you might get a blog post about that.

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The Outpost – Game Report

The following skirmish was an attempt at what I’m calling Advanced Deathzap, not that it’s particularly complicated, more that it adds in that personality that I’ve wanted to get into my games for a while, hopefully going forwards forces should have a less generic feel. I set up a small gaming area in the corner […]

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The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown. Genesis 6:4 Bible scholars may debate the meaning of this […]

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So I finished painting my Elamite warband this morning. Again, as with the Abramites from my previous post, there is a lot of artistic license with these figures. The reason being that much of the reference images you may see online for Elamites or in Osprey books are a good few hundred years later than […]

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This Isn’t My First Cheap Toy Soldier Rodeo… Part 2: Korban Grenadiers

So again from the old blog, something inspirational if you’re a bit strange like me… The Korban Grenadiers! Sometimes among the Korban ranks a soldier is both physically larger and stronger but also intellectually and tactically. These Korban are quickly drafted into elite units known as Grenadiers. The Sergeant of the unit carries a large […]

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Slaves To Darkness Part 3

So I’ve started painting with a unit of chaos warriors. I’m so happy with how they’re coming out, I’m going for a rusty, grimy look with the chipped and peeling remnants of their armour’s paint on flatter surfaces or in deep crevices. My poor old drybrush was a casualty of this process, it is now […]

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Slaves To Darkness Part 2

That’s my previously seen Slaves To Darkness army for Age of Sigmar primed and ready for painting. In the back you can see my Maulerfiend conversion, it’s a counts as warshrine/ maggoth rider/ mutalith vortex beast/ slaughterbrute or whatever I want that’s a similar size. The whole lots comes in at around 1000 points with […]

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Slaves to Darkness

I didn’t do much on the plague tower this weekend as I was striving forward with the army to go with it. My basic warrior is based on a chaos space marine legs, torso and arms with a basic head and weapons swap and leaving the backpack off. My Chaos Sorcerer Lord is based on […]

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