Something wicked this way comes… part 4

To quote Mr George Lucas ‘I may have gone too far in a few places.’ I think it’s crunch time now, make or break… if I keep going this whole exercise could end up in the bin, or turn into something great… only time will tell!

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Paint Maketh The Man

The above the picture is taken from my old long dead blog… it was way back when I first discovered Poundland’s figure offering, they came in a bags of 100 and had that familiar bright orange and green cardboard packaging that read combat… er… something. At the time I was working on some rules for […]

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Rice Fleets

Anyone really can afford this… I started by cutting tongue depressors into squares. I then went on to texture my wooden squares with bicarbonate of soda and super glue. At this point I got carried away. Glue a grain of rice to each base and paint accordingly. I used the smaller grains for destroyers, cruisers […]

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The Cosmic Warrior

So as I was skulking around the local discount shops and came across the following: Covered in stolen Transformers artwork and a clear rip-off off of a Gundam design, I felt this ‘Cosmic Warrior’ was useful for filling out the ranks of my Allegiance of Gnossos army for Deathzap. Painted up and battle damaged, I’m […]

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Discount Dino Conversions

A regular dino you’ll find in bags of cheap dinosaurs is Pachycephalosaurus. You know the one with the bony head that likes ramming into things. Unfortunately the real dinosaur bears little resemblance to the two I have… one of which is below: My first step was to swap heads with another toy. I forgot to […]

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