Playtesting Darkfell

As mentioned in a previous version post I’ve been playing a lot of Darkfell and rather enjoying it. The basic rules are still the same as seen here. Although now I’ve added 15 separate character classes, 5 Magic Users, 5 Ranged Weapon Specialists and 5 Melee Specialists, each with 10 different traits that your character […]

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Painting Darkfell

So I won’t bore you with all the details. Prime it black, spray grey from above, basically base coat it, make wood and dirt brown, outer walls were mostly left grey, I did some interiors in a light blue, green or dark red. Then the entire thing got a black wash and then a bone […]

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Building Darkfell

What got me into wargaming was undoubtedly terrain. When I was a kid I remember hording polystyrene and painting it up as a lizard man temple. As a teenager what brought me back into the wargaming fold was watching terrain building tutorials on YouTube. I just love building things. I love creating worlds. I’ve also […]

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Merry Boxing Day! He’s is the report for a small game I played out this morning for some homebrew rules I’m calling ‘Darkfell’, I wanted something quick and simple that gave me that Mordheim feel. I used the ‘Markup’ function on my phone to put the text on to the pictures as I played, so […]

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