Simple Satisfying Games

There’s often an urge to roll dice and see events unfold, to wonder how things might have been different had fortune swung the other way and what might have been actively done better to change the outcome. To scratch this itch I played a 150 point game of Deathzap Skirmish on a rather small board […]

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Everybody Do The Dinosaur

I was up for some simple gaming last night, so I grabbed some wooden discs I had to hand, a tin of green spray paint, superglue and eight small dinosaur figures and produced what you can see above. The dinosaurs effectively come pre-painted, all that would be required is picking out eyes, claws, teeth and […]

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Dino-Team Photo

So after a long period of play testing I think it’s time I had a dino break. As you can see my collection of dinosaurs has boomed somewhat in recent weeks. My goal now however is to refocus back on Deathzap, and a little project I think could be a real game changer.

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Discount Dino Conversions

A regular dino you’ll find in bags of cheap dinosaurs is Pachycephalosaurus. You know the one with the bony head that likes ramming into things. Unfortunately the real dinosaur bears little resemblance to the two I have… one of which is below: My first step was to swap heads with another toy. I forgot to […]

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Painting Discount Dinosaurs

So you can fork out a large amount of money to get Papo or Schleich dinosaurs for your prehistoric gaming, but since the popularity of the Jurassic Park films… or maybe before… I’m not old enough to remember, you can readily find cheap dinosaur toys to game with. All it takes is a little paint, […]

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Organised Chaos

In my bid to post on this blog most days I here submit the following. The shame of it. In the top photo you can see my hobby space, perched on the edge of the sofa… formerly used for sitting, now used to display my own brand of hobby madness. I’m currently painting up another […]

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Carnival of Carnivores – Battle Report

So I tried playing my carnivores against each other this evening. Instead of putting down two herbivore, two carnivore I instead decided to go with predictably four carnivore feeding points. The objectives were ‘Infiltrate’ which meant getting half your force into your opponents deployment zone, ‘Destruction’ which means wiping out half of your opponents force, […]

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Roasted Rex – Battle Report

So a little more play-testing this evening, changes from the previous edition of the rules (last nights rules to be exact) include two slight tweaks to make combat more bloody (yum yum!) and also there have been some tweaks to objectives.   Below you can see deployment, T-Rex, Giganotosaurus, Utahraptor and Allosaurus, take on Stegosaurus, […]

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More Dinosaur Play-testing

I did some more play-testing this evening with my new dinosaur rules, and a couple of new dinosaurs, in the top picture you’ll see my new Dilophosaurus and Utahraptor. Unfortunately my phone died so I only managed to snap the two pictures above so that’s all you’re getting in terms of a report on the […]

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The Jendari Rangers

In the interest of adding special forces to my games of Deathzap, I’ve produced the following: Milliput backpacks and map pin heads differentiate these guys from their usual Poundland counterparts. I’m hoping to paint the heads up like those old school sci if spherical helmets. I’ve also added a Parasaurolophus to my line up of […]

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Dinosaurs, dinosaurs everywhere…

From left to right Therezinosaurus, Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Styrachosaurus, another Allosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, T-Rex, Carnotaurus and Spinosaurus. I’ve got rules in the making to use with these fellas, hopefully to be posted here soon. Also I should mention in the menu tab at the top of the page you can find the rules for Deathzap. Thanks […]

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