North and South Cameria go to War!

Thinking I’d make use of the some of the figures seen in my last post I’ve embarked on a long intended project within the Deathzap universe, that being the Camerian Civil War. I’ve started by painting two simple skirmish forces of North and South Camerians using the old Airfix Afrika Korps and 8th Army. First […]

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Italeri Warsaw Pact Troops

A box arrived today from Wonderland Models for a project I was working on many moons ago, back then in ye olde times (a couple of months ago), I was working on a modern/ Vietnam project, and so I ordered some Warsaw Pact troops and US Special Forces. Little did I know that the Warsaw […]

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Expensive Paints on Cheap Figures

Citadel’s Contrast range of paints were touted as a miracle product upon release. People soon realised they were better at some things than others, and now for many painters I know the old pots of standard acrylic are out, and the contrast range is used as support to gain certain effects rather than the paint […]

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Instant WW2 Developments

Those poor American Airfix Marines seemed to be lacking a bit of Anti-Infantry punch when facing the Germans despite their victory. This is down to the fact that while the German’s are festooned with machine guns, the Americans are only carrying two, their other two heavy weapons are Bazookas so until I include tanks in […]

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Instant WW2

I fancied a tinker with Donald Featherstone’s Close Little Wars with my WW2 Airfix figures, but alas I had no suitable scenery… so with a couple of cans of spray paint, some newspaper, sticky tape and wooden building blocks I churned out the following: A nice crossroads to do bloody battle on! The sides were […]

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Irregular Miniatures 15mm ACW

I recently picked up a 15mm Skirmish Pack from Irregular (if the title hadn’t given it away) and have been slowly working my way through painting it. The pack includes 10 union infantry and two cavalry, an equal group of confederates, two trees, a house, a farmer, the farmer’s wife, some livestock and the farm […]

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Disneyland Paris

It rained a lot and the food was pricey. And the defensive capabilities of their fortifications are severely lacking. The do have dragons though. And ‘Its a Small World’ has some examples of boys in red. A frontier fort yielded some good scenes of the Old West. And I did manage to find a tub […]

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Rice Fleets

Anyone really can afford this… I started by cutting tongue depressors into squares. I then went on to texture my wooden squares with bicarbonate of soda and super glue. At this point I got carried away. Glue a grain of rice to each base and paint accordingly. I used the smaller grains for destroyers, cruisers […]

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