So what did I do in 2021?

One of the weird things about having a hobby blog is being able to look back over the year and see pretty much exactly what I’ve been up to in the year just gone. JANUARY I started the year with my 0 player duelling project. It was a fun distraction and got me revamping old […]

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Bog Roll Wraiths

I think I found an opponent for my Elemental Knights, although I don’t think I’ll call them Bog Roll Wraiths. Loo Paper Lichs perhaps? The figures I used were the standard low quality plastic knights you find littering discount shops. The quality of the figures is significantly lower than the other cheap knights that I […]

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Elemental Knights

Sometimes I just do things for fun, strange I know. Ever since I was a kid playing with toy knights on my bedroom floor I’ve loved the plate armour look. Thankfully to scratch that itch alongside your average poundshop toy soldier with their WW2-ish kit, you can often find bags of 54mm, or 1/32 knights […]

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Different Kinds of Chrome

As mentioned in my previous post, I had some more figures coming my way from Irregular, figures which were going to be painted up in different kinds of monochrome. The first were my ‘Metal Men’, which included a Battle Robot from their 15mm sci-fi range I’ve dubbed Killborg and a Battle Robot from their 28mm […]

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Super Speed Painting

I’ve been watching a lot of miniature painters and wargamers on YouTube do 24 hour challenges where they attempted to get an entire army done in well 24 hours. the thing I found strange is often they painted their figures in basically the same way they always had but attempted to do it faster. Now […]

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Zombie Goofy and Dark Disney

The wife and I occasionally go to Disney World in Florida. This is entirely my fault. I had enough money once to plan a big holiday. There were suggestions of Tokyo, New York, but with all the various anxieties I have and knowing my wife was a Disney fan I suggested heading to the safe […]

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Growing Neo-Arcane

I’ve been busy this week planning and painting my forces for Neo-Arcane and I think I’ve also come up with a fairly innovative points and activation system. First up I’ve added there Ghosts to my undead force I’ve now named the ‘Necrypt’. The corporation I’m now just calling ‘Core’ has gained a Sniper, Cyborg and […]

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Neo-Arcane: The Battle Begins

I’ve made some progress with all my recent figure cleanup jobs/ purchases, and I’m ready to get this old project of mine back up and running. I formerly called this game the New Earth Engine, but now I’m calling it Neo-Arcane. I’m imagining a world of Tolkien and Warhammer-esque fantasy where a strange invasion from […]

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The New Earth Engine

The following is a post from my old blog pictures and all. It’s a game I’ve often thought about revamping and I’ve recently been either stripping and fixing some of the same figures from this post or rebuying them. So you’ll probably see more stuff along these lines in the future. I’ve been rethinking the […]

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Playtesting Darkfell

As mentioned in a previous version post I’ve been playing a lot of Darkfell and rather enjoying it. The basic rules are still the same as seen here. Although now I’ve added 15 separate character classes, 5 Magic Users, 5 Ranged Weapon Specialists and 5 Melee Specialists, each with 10 different traits that your character […]

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Horrified – The Miniatures

I’ve always been a fan of the old Universal Horror films and the Hammer Horror films too, basically anything spooky that doesn’t include jump scares. When I saw the Horrified Board Game on the shelves in a local toy shop over Christmas I knew I had to buy it, especially since it included seven figures. […]

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Building Darkfell

What got me into wargaming was undoubtedly terrain. When I was a kid I remember hording polystyrene and painting it up as a lizard man temple. As a teenager what brought me back into the wargaming fold was watching terrain building tutorials on YouTube. I just love building things. I love creating worlds. I’ve also […]

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Self Indulgent and Gratuitous Maths

I’d consider myself a bit of a maths geek (yes that’s maths not math America) and it’s one of the aspects of wargaming that I love the most. The statistical analysis of your different tactical options, or Math-hammer (should be Maths-hammer… or Math-hammers?) as it’s commonly known because of you guessed it Warhammer just really […]

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Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones

I’ve always wanted an Undead army and although I’ve often bought and even painted the odd unit, I’ve never managed a full force. Until now… I’ve been somewhat gripped by my 15mm Fantasy project and rules, and couldn’t resist dipping in to Irregular Miniature’s Undead range. Plus since I was going for a more ghostly […]

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Painting a Fiend of Slaanesh

So I’ve been experimenting lately with acrylic inks, mine are from Daler Rowney. I’m aware people definitely don’t use them in the way I have, however I’ve found a little method that works for me. I’m a big fan of Games Workshop’s Contrast paints and as someone who prefers to paint quickly how could I […]

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