Polishing a Turd

A long time ago after being inspired by the Man of Tin blog I grabbed my first tub of Poundland Army Men and painted some of them up as an unknown sci fi force: Later on I dubbed them the Allegiance of Gnossos and Deathzap was born. What this little project did though was make […]

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The History of Jendar

Having been knocked out by my second covid vaccine and with a couple of busy weekends I’ve been unable to get much done in the hobby, but this time has given me the opportunity to try and work out some of the history of Deathzap and mainly the planet of Jendar. The timeline below is […]

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North and South Cameria go to War!

Thinking I’d make use of the some of the figures seen in my last post I’ve embarked on a long intended project within the Deathzap universe, that being the Camerian Civil War. I’ve started by painting two simple skirmish forces of North and South Camerians using the old Airfix Afrika Korps and 8th Army. First […]

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Ashnyr was colonised at the same time as Jendar. When the Jendari pilgrims settled in the Xolar system it was determined that a few smaller ships would split off from the main fleet in order to begin colonisation of other habitable planets within the Xolar system. This was a security measure as no one knew […]

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Deathzap 3

So I’ve been working over the past week on something fairly sizeable, it wont have any pictures but it is something I’ve had a few comments and messages about, so here goes, as always questions, comments and suggestions are very much appreciated, the current state of affairs rules wise and fluff wise for Deathzap: THE […]

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Neo-Arcane: The Battle Begins

I’ve made some progress with all my recent figure cleanup jobs/ purchases, and I’m ready to get this old project of mine back up and running. I formerly called this game the New Earth Engine, but now I’m calling it Neo-Arcane. I’m imagining a world of Tolkien and Warhammer-esque fantasy where a strange invasion from […]

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Not So Vintage Toy Soldiers

Cameria had always been a divided nation, ever since the first settlers arrived the North and South were two distinct colonies, peoples, cultures. However after a few bad years of mining the Camerian Council decided to send forces out to take resources from other weaker nations. Ngoai just north of Cameria across the Amenic Sea […]

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A Ramble on Rules and Deathzap

I took the opportunity this morning after waking up rather early to play the next game in my Deathzap campaign on Oltra the moon of the planet Kannis. Since the game didn’t include the Legion of Kharthion I figured it would be a good opportunity to iron out and tweak parts of the rules that […]

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Rust, Dirt and Blood

Private Josef Steiner. Legion of Kharthion. No. 332143246. Rust, dirt and blood. The sky above was dark and oppressive. I’d checked and rechecked my Repeater, the mag was full. I knew it was full, but I also knew in a few minutes I’d check it again. I was shaking. It was strange. I was used […]

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The War Begins

Prime Coldan Thrane backed away from his view screen. He nervously paced the room and listened carefully to the report. “My Sister will have fulfilled her contract flawlessly” said a voice. It came from a cloaked figure standing in the corner of the room. Her dark shape against the ivory walls looked like an ink […]

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A Deathzap Campaign: Oltra

The dark planet of Kannis is a patchwork of abandoned facilities and factories. The planet is rich in natural resources, but strange occurrences have put a stop to progression. There are whispers of ghosts, strange mutations among the populace and dark, arcane rituals carried out by cloaked figures in the shadows. Mortan’s Men a faction […]

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The Return of Deathzap

After attempting to build up my painted model count I was increasingly finding myself working on older projects. Eventually I knew I had to return to this blog’s namesake game Deathzap! The rules in their original incarnation are on the menu for this site and I am currently also ruminating on Deathzap 2, but before […]

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This Isn’t My First Cheap Toy Soldier Rodeo… Part 2: Korban Grenadiers

So again from the old blog, something inspirational if you’re a bit strange like me… The Korban Grenadiers! Sometimes among the Korban ranks a soldier is both physically larger and stronger but also intellectually and tactically. These Korban are quickly drafted into elite units known as Grenadiers. The Sergeant of the unit carries a large […]

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Do You Have a Flag?

In the interest of world building, and also because apparently I’m a bit of a flag nerd, I thought I’d put some flags together after I watched a TedTalk on Vexillology. Here’s the specific video, although I’ll be listing the main points below if you haven’t got twenty minutes. The main points of flag design […]

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Paint Maketh The Man

The above the picture is taken from my old long dead blog… it was way back when I first discovered Poundland’s figure offering, they came in a bags of 100 and had that familiar bright orange and green cardboard packaging that read combat… er… something. At the time I was working on some rules for […]

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Deathzap Fluff

So the we’re moving house. This has made hobbying difficult as I’m sure you can imagine, and gaming next to impossible, other than maybe getting out my portable stuff from time to time. I thought however rather than lamenting the lack of hobby I’d use this little break to write up my imagined universe for […]

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