Rust, Dirt and Blood

Private Josef Steiner. Legion of Kharthion. No. 332143246. Rust, dirt and blood. The sky above was dark and oppressive. I’d checked and rechecked my Repeater, the mag was full. I knew it was full, but I also knew in a few minutes I’d check it again. I was shaking. It was strange. I was used […]

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The War Begins

Prime Coldan Thrane backed away from his view screen. He nervously paced the room and listened carefully to the report. “My Sister will have fulfilled her contract flawlessly” said a voice. It came from a cloaked figure standing in the corner of the room. Her dark shape against the ivory walls looked like an ink […]

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A Deathzap Campaign: Oltra

The dark planet of Kannis is a patchwork of abandoned facilities and factories. The planet is rich in natural resources, but strange occurrences have put a stop to progression. There are whispers of ghosts, strange mutations among the populace and dark, arcane rituals carried out by cloaked figures in the shadows. Mortan’s Men a faction […]

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