A Little Gaming Board

A little project I wanted to get done in the weekend just gone was a small gaming board for my anime-ish miniature skirmish game. I have somewhat of an obsession for playing games in smaller spaces and so I took a one foot square cork tile as the base. I cut the corners off of […]

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Tiny Wars – Fantasy Skirmish

Here’s a little side project I worked on while thinking long and hard about the rules for Deathzap. One of the issues during lockdown is finding the space to play bigger games, especially while sharing the house with the parents in law, I’m currently hashing out Deathzap on a 2×2 but it could really use […]

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Simple Satisfying Games

There’s often an urge to roll dice and see events unfold, to wonder how things might have been different had fortune swung the other way and what might have been actively done better to change the outcome. To scratch this itch I played a 150 point game of Deathzap Skirmish on a rather small board […]

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Grid of Death – Battle Report

The Tribeship Torvax is home to the Bloodline Tribe of Solar Raiders, one of the largest among the SolRad fleets it harbours impressive hab-domes, rich, but artificial jungles fill the domes in order to create a self sustaining breathable atmosphere on the ship. A small invasion force of Vel scout the Torvax after infiltrating it […]

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Rice Fleets

Anyone really can afford this… I started by cutting tongue depressors into squares. I then went on to texture my wooden squares with bicarbonate of soda and super glue. At this point I got carried away. Glue a grain of rice to each base and paint accordingly. I used the smaller grains for destroyers, cruisers […]

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