Deathzap Progress

So I didn’t manage to get my Deathzap campaign going in the week I had off of work, but I did make a lot of progress on the Deathzap front. I played a good few disconnected games just to make sure the rules for all the factions were good to go by the time I […]

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Big Boys

A nice day was had bumbling around our local ‘big town’ Barnstaple today and the Mrs and I took our weekly pilgrimage to the finest discount shop B&M. Most of the time it’s fairly slim pickings in the toy section but today that was definitely not the case! 76 pieces for £5, sure there’s two […]

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Easy Terrain – Wrecked Cars

The 1/72ish scale figures I’m now using for Deathzap are a good match for your standard discount shop toy cars. Destroyed civilian vehicles aren’t often something you see on a gaming table but I think they add a lot, they take a set up from an arena for doing battle to a place people actually […]

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Kay – Story Battle Report

The war ground on, unrelenting, unforgiving. Oltra a once promising mining colony was now nothing more than a burned out husk, an industrial corpse. SynJen were on the verge of pulling out of Oltra all together, and giving up entirely on Kannis as more and more soldiers of House Baronor and the Jendari Collective were […]

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Homemade Acrylic Gaming Mats

I played a game of Deathzap 3 this weekend which I’ll be writing up shortly. I played it out on a portion of dust sheet I’d hastily sprayed rivers, wooded areas and roads on. It did the job, but I was aware from several YouTube videos that people use dust sheets to make their own […]

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Saturday Morning Starcrash Sprues

Starcrash from Roger Corman, directed by Luigi Cozzi and starring Marjoe Gortner, Caroline Munroe, David Hasselhoff and Christopher Plummer is probably my favourite Star Wars cash in film of that era. It sits awkwardly between two eras of sci-fi imagination. There’s clear influence from the more lived in and realistic appearance of Star Wars, and […]

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Oltra Burns Again

In the interest of starting up some Deathzap 3 again I’ve been amassing forces. Representing the SynJen were my previously seen Rin Empire platoon, but to back them up I’ve added a platoon of Volkovian Knights and a Beam Tank: For the A.L.L I’ve actually only built Gnossian forces, again you’ve seen my Sector Army […]

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Polishing a Turd

A long time ago after being inspired by the Man of Tin blog I grabbed my first tub of Poundland Army Men and painted some of them up as an unknown sci fi force: Later on I dubbed them the Allegiance of Gnossos and Deathzap was born. What this little project did though was make […]

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The History of Jendar

Having been knocked out by my second covid vaccine and with a couple of busy weekends I’ve been unable to get much done in the hobby, but this time has given me the opportunity to try and work out some of the history of Deathzap and mainly the planet of Jendar. The timeline below is […]

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Different Kinds of Chrome

As mentioned in my previous post, I had some more figures coming my way from Irregular, figures which were going to be painted up in different kinds of monochrome. The first were my ‘Metal Men’, which included a Battle Robot from their 15mm sci-fi range I’ve dubbed Killborg and a Battle Robot from their 28mm […]

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Wasteman is a fun little skirmish game originally put out by Thunderchild Miniatures and now on Old School Miniatures. It’s a fast and bloody game, with lots of random occurrences and strange twists and turns. The miniatures are probably my favourite thing, they’re nice chunky sculpts with good detail and not covered in overly complicated […]

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Getting Back Into Deathzap

Since the big Oltra campaign I played out a good while ago I’ve been constantly attempting to get back to the Deathzap universe but I’ve always struggled. I think that’s largely because I wanted Deathzap to be something it never should be my own Warhammer 40k. In actuality what Deathzap is and should always be […]

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Bronepehota (Armoured Infantry)

A strange Russian package arrived the other day, a solid block of polystyrene wrapped in tape. My wife wondered if it was a bomb. I had to explain that I had just ordered some Russian toys. She responded “Of course you have.” Inside was a sort of starter set for Bronepehota (Armoured Infantry), a Russian […]

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Easy Foam Tile Terrain

Terrain building a what really got me into the wargaming hobby many moons ago, and after a short hiatus to play video games as a teenager terrain was what brought be back in my early 20s. Terrain can be frustrating though. Shop bought items can be rather pricey and home made stuff can be just […]

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Growing Neo-Arcane

I’ve been busy this week planning and painting my forces for Neo-Arcane and I think I’ve also come up with a fairly innovative points and activation system. First up I’ve added there Ghosts to my undead force I’ve now named the ‘Necrypt’. The corporation I’m now just calling ‘Core’ has gained a Sniper, Cyborg and […]

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Neo-Arcane: The Battle Begins

I’ve made some progress with all my recent figure cleanup jobs/ purchases, and I’m ready to get this old project of mine back up and running. I formerly called this game the New Earth Engine, but now I’m calling it Neo-Arcane. I’m imagining a world of Tolkien and Warhammer-esque fantasy where a strange invasion from […]

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A 6mm Distraction

Occasionally I find things in the drawer of abandoned minis. In the week just passed I found some 6mm infantry from Scotia Grendel and some sci fi tanks from Irregular. I think the trick I’ve learned is to paint less and paint more starkly. Don’t do too many highlights, keep your scheme simple and striking. […]

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