Building a Bolt Action Board

A friend and I have been getting more into Bolt Action lately, and we needed a table to play on. He being a very handy man set us up with two 2’x4’ boards to play on. He then braced each board so we weren’t concerned about warping, and then over the past week I set […]

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First let’s get the necessary admin out of the way: Hobby Spend: £152.88 I’ve been buying up a lot of plastic figures from Oathmark, Frostgrave and Fireforge Games for a fantasy skirmish project. Painted: £303.50 My aim for lent is £0 spent on hobby, but we’ll see how that goes. I haven’t fully taken stock […]


Easy Terrain – Wrecked Cars

The 1/72ish scale figures I’m now using for Deathzap are a good match for your standard discount shop toy cars. Destroyed civilian vehicles aren’t often something you see on a gaming table but I think they add a lot, they take a set up from an arena for doing battle to a place people actually […]

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Homemade Acrylic Gaming Mats

I played a game of Deathzap 3 this weekend which I’ll be writing up shortly. I played it out on a portion of dust sheet I’d hastily sprayed rivers, wooded areas and roads on. It did the job, but I was aware from several YouTube videos that people use dust sheets to make their own […]

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Easy Foam Tile Terrain

Terrain building a what really got me into the wargaming hobby many moons ago, and after a short hiatus to play video games as a teenager terrain was what brought be back in my early 20s. Terrain can be frustrating though. Shop bought items can be rather pricey and home made stuff can be just […]

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Painting Darkfell

So I won’t bore you with all the details. Prime it black, spray grey from above, basically base coat it, make wood and dirt brown, outer walls were mostly left grey, I did some interiors in a light blue, green or dark red. Then the entire thing got a black wash and then a bone […]

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Building Darkfell

What got me into wargaming was undoubtedly terrain. When I was a kid I remember hording polystyrene and painting it up as a lizard man temple. As a teenager what brought me back into the wargaming fold was watching terrain building tutorials on YouTube. I just love building things. I love creating worlds. I’ve also […]

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