Big Boys

A nice day was had bumbling around our local ‘big town’ Barnstaple today and the Mrs and I took our weekly pilgrimage to the finest discount shop B&M. Most of the time it’s fairly slim pickings in the toy section but today that was definitely not the case! 76 pieces for £5, sure there’s two […]

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Getting Back Into Deathzap

Since the big Oltra campaign I played out a good while ago I’ve been constantly attempting to get back to the Deathzap universe but I’ve always struggled. I think that’s largely because I wanted Deathzap to be something it never should be my own Warhammer 40k. In actuality what Deathzap is and should always be […]

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A Ramble on Rules and Deathzap

I took the opportunity this morning after waking up rather early to play the next game in my Deathzap campaign on Oltra the moon of the planet Kannis. Since the game didn’t include the Legion of Kharthion I figured it would be a good opportunity to iron out and tweak parts of the rules that […]

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Expensive Paints on Cheap Figures

Citadel’s Contrast range of paints were touted as a miracle product upon release. People soon realised they were better at some things than others, and now for many painters I know the old pots of standard acrylic are out, and the contrast range is used as support to gain certain effects rather than the paint […]

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Toysoldierholics Anonymous

My names Chris and I’m a toysoldierholic. Popped into the local discount shop on the way home from church today, and they had in some great looking bags of cheap figures… so naturally I bought four… The first bag had green Airfix Afrika Korps copies in and a few Matchbox Germans. The second was mostly […]

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Army Soldiers

Here’s today’s purchase despite protests from the wife of ‘Don’t you have enough army men?’ You’ve probably seen these Matchbox copies before on other blogs or in stores so I’m not breaking any new ground here, other than to say the marked price of £6 (a bit pricey I admit) once I had reached the […]

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Could War Break Out in Babbacumbe?

Conflicts between rebel and government forces in the nation of Babbacumbe are common, however fighting erupted earlier today between government forces and a government allied peacekeeping force from North Cameria. After a bloody firefight the North Camerians came out on top, however not without losses. President Banko of Babbacumbe denied any knowledge of the actions […]

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The Simple Toy Soldier Game

Here’s a belated Christmas present from me to you, my attempt at a tactical, yet simple rule set with the goal of quickly and excitingly playing out firefights between small squads of troops with modern weapons. I’ve had a lot of fun with this rule set over the last couple of years since it popped […]

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